Once Upon a Time Wish You Were Here Review and Analysis

The OUAT Winter Finale is here! Welcome to our Once Upon a Time Wish You Were Here Review.

Once Upon a Time Wish You Were Here Review

Wish You Were Here Review

#Spoilers, obviously

Quick Once Upon a Time Wish You Were Here Review

We find out what life in (a parallel “dream” universe of) Fairy Tale land would have been like if Emma would have never been the savior. Henry is knighted and acts knightly. We learn the negative and positive aspects of the Regina and Evil Queen “connection”. The Dark Fairy kidnaps Gideon from the Blue Fairy and shows him the ‘Dark Side’. We learn that the hooded figure is Gideon and that he has the power to turn the Evil Queen into a metallic living Cobra (which I think looks a lot like Jafar’s staff, just sayin’). Belle and Rumpel will do what they can to rescue Gideon. As Regina and Emma use a bean acquired from Rumpel, Robin appears and the portal (which has a time limit) closes before that can use it to leave.

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Oh yeah, there are LOTS of Evil Queens, some real, some are cosplayed by Regina.

Once Upon a Time Wish You Were Here Review

7 Things That Stood Out in OUAT Wish You Were Here

1. I hope they give Grumpy a raise. Grumpy does a very important job, warning towns/castles that danger is coming or is already there. It’s an important job, for sure. Now he’s hauling around a makeshift bird cage we hope has been retrofitted to keep a metal Evil Queen Cobra from biting him. All this danger he is constantly in is reason enough for a raise AND a date with Nova. Nova’s cute, remember?

2. The Mystery of the Red Jeweled Sword. Now, I think Emma is making a huge mistake. Belle is a fantastic researcher. She needs to find out what magic is infused in that sword that Emma is carrying around. I’ve mentioned before that I think that the red gem in it points to Jafar. If I’m wrong about that, the color red in nature means danger, so there’s that. I mean the Evil Queen drinks red Appletinis for heaven’s sake. Red is bad, people. Red is bad. Belle could research what the sword represents and how Emma can use the sword properly to destroy the hooded figure, but no Emma won’t ask her. Belle isn’t just another pretty face – or pretty legs. Emma, just ask Belle. Pretty please?

3. Lots of Disney in this OUAT episode tonight;
A. Emma wished on a star and blew out a cupcake star candle (like she did in the Pilot),

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B. Team 7 (actually only Team 5 and Grumpy is too cool to whistle. 😉 ) were whistling ‘Heigh Ho’ as they walked down the road in ‘dream’ Fairy Tale land,
C. Emma was humming ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ frolicking in the forest. She’s a good frolicker. Seriously, she is.

4. Rumpel, I mean Gollum was great. In the ‘dream’ FTL, Rumpel sounded very much like the Rumpel we met way back in the Pilot. I thought it was more Gollum-like as well.

5. Tempting, isn’t it? Rumpel was back to his old tempting ways in the ‘dream’ FTL when he convinces Regina to “be evil (like she used to be)” to convince Emma that she is the savior. The script didn’t go the way I thought they were going with it. I thought Regina would begin to like her return to evil and want to stay that way. However, they played it for comedic value mostly.

6. Okay, what is it with Aladdin’s Magic Lamp? It now has a Genie attached to it with 3 wishes that will be granted. Why in the world didn’t the Evil Queen hide and/or protect it better than leaving it sitting around for anyone from Regina, Charming and Jasmine to walk around the Mayor’s desk and pick it up? I mean come on! Evil Queenie, I love you and your cleavage, but you need some more magical protection spell training.

7. Surrender? Really? Regina (posing as the Evil Queen) had to dig deep into her dark past to push Emma to use her magic. When we doubt ourselves and listen to the negative voice in our heads it can take difficulties in our lives for us to be who we really are. We all have gifts and strengths and we need to use them and refine them, not hold back. Many times in OUAT, we see characters accept and become who they really are or who they should be.

Most Valuable Player for OUAT Wish You Were Here


I know, I know I’ve said it many times before. Regina is one of greatest characters on TV. She struggles, yes, but we also see her helping others and being second to allow others to be first. Even when she chooses to stay in the ‘dream’ version of Fairy Tale Land to be with Robin. What if we were in a similar situation and we found a loved one in a dream – we would definitely want to stay for awhile. Regina isn’t a squeaky clean 1950’s Superman, she is like us. She has good moments and bad moments. The key to life is not to be perfect, but to learn and grow in life.

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Once Upon a Time Wish You Were Here Review

Final Thoughts about OUAT Wish You Were Here

To me the reveal of the hooded figure was a bit like Scooby Doo, it was someone we knew briefly, but hopefully the ‘why’ will make sense. We still need to figure out if Emma’s vision will be true or not. Will the red-jeweled sword help or hurt Emma? I think it’s bad, but we’ll see.

Belle and Rumpel

The one thing I think Adam and Eddy are setting up is Belle and Rumpel joining forces to free their son, Gideon. This storyline is similar to Han Solo and General Leia working together to help bring Ben Solo to the light side of the force. Two people fighting against a foe can create a bond, so we’ll see if this will bring Belle and Rumpel together.

Your Turn for Your Thoughts on OUAT Wish You Were Here

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