OUAT – Answered wishes bring surprise gifts, too!

So, I was at a buddies house watching the Superbowl (Actually I was there for the cookout (Salmon, ya’ll) and conversation), and I got a Tweet and email from a kind blogger (InkGypsy) that wanted to feature the podcast in a post on a sad day for Oncers (With a Superbowl on, but no OUAT). I replied and gave InkGypsy the info she asked for.

A little while later, I saw a confirmation Tweet and read through the post and was blown away.

InkGypsy’s blog post about the podcast is the most thorough and well written review I have ever read. She caught the essence of who we are, what we do and is probably the most engaging post I’ve read in a long time.

Here is an excerpt, “While I’ve seen a few podcasts stutter into being then fizzle out since the beginning of the show, this one, and its home website, has gone from strength to strength, showing no signs of slowing down. They provide new content and/or food for thought daily via their blog (with lots of fantastic visuals, like these two – left and right – shown for comparison), Twitter feed, Facebook page and, of course, when new podcast episodes are available to listen to. It’s also more encompassing and up-to-date than anything fan-related/driven on the Once Upon A Time website.”

You can read the entire review here: http://fairytalenewsblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/once-upon-time-fan-podcast.html

If you are a listener of the OUAT Fan Podcast or a visitor of the blog or forum I would ask that you would check out the InkGypsy’s site. It’s called the Once Upon a Time Blog – Fairy Tale News. As you can expect, it covers fairy tale news, from all angles (OUAT, Grimm, original stories, etc). I would also say that it’s probably the most artful and beautiful site I’ve seen in a long time. The photos and artwork she posts with her writing and reviews are so good. The one thing I try (really hard) to model here is we send out love and kindness, and we also return kindness and love, too. I would like you to go to her site: http://fairytalenewsblog.blogspot.com check it out and leave a kind comment and let her know what her fantastic review meant to you and this podcast/blog/site.

I am again humbled (again and again) as we take this trek of the growth of this amazing little podcast that is continuing to grow and catch people’s attention. With that in mind, we should never ever take any step of kindness for granted. I’m going right now to take a more thorough look at InkGypsy’s site. I hope you will, too.

5 thoughts on “OUAT – Answered wishes bring surprise gifts, too!

  1. InkGypsy

    *Blush!* You guys are worth every word and I meant every one I wrote. I think the podcast truly is awesome (I’ve listened to more than a few) and am so glad it has developed into a wonderful place for OUAT fans to come together – something OUAT fans desperately needed (because, really, one’s grocery store checker is not really the ideal chat companion when you’re bursting with questions and ideas after watching the latest Once installment!) You really have provided a much needed haven and forum that goes waaaay beyond fan-squeeing (in the best way) while enjoying using your brains (shock-horror) to think about things and discuss. That you’ve kept your funny bones intact while doing so makes it a joy to visit and revisit. I only wish I had time to keep completely up-to-date!
    Thank you for your generosity in mentioning (or should I say plugging!) my blog on your site too. That was completely unexpected! Thank you so very much.
    For anyone interested, I do my best to use tags on the posts so you can find what you’re looking for there. The tag for ABC’s Once Upon A Time is “ABCs OUaT”, since, perhaps obviously, the phrase “Once upon a time” comes up a lot on my site.
    Thanks again Jeff & Colleen. And feel free to contact me if you want to promote something your podcast or site is doing. I’ll do my best to get the news out there promptly. You have my email… 🙂

  2. Liz Stein

    I think that she did a wonderful job. I was so sad to see all of my favorite shows end and then Once Upon a Time came on. It really got my intention. I look forward to Sundays cause that is when I get to see my new favorite show and just being able to relax after a long week of school. I could not thank you enough for such an amazing show. Three cheers for ONCE UPON A TIME !


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