3 thoughts on “OUAT – Christine K’s Video tour of Storybrooke

  1. TorityPrism

    Aw, those are lovely pics of Megan as Ruby at the end of this vid. I wonder if anyone ever comes by and thinks the Pawn Shop is real.

    1. Ken

      I’m sure they do. We did when the sign first went up last year. My wife had to replace a gold filling around that time and I jokingly said she should take in to the pawnshop to have it appraised.
      Storybrooke Pet Shelter is permanent also and the Storybrooke Country Bread sign always remains up.
      La Tandoor Restaurant sign was taken down (between Marine Garage and the Pet Shelter) and renovations are happening inside. These days we are not sure if a new business is opening up or it’s another OUAT set.


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