OUAT – Dave from Michigan’s missed email

I forgot to read Dave’s email, so I will post it here.

If you notice that the evil queen uses a different voice than regina, a little sharper and a slightly lower tone. However in the jail cell scene, when “Regina” says “We shall see”, she is using the “evil queen’s” voice.

J – I agree.

Belle seemed excited for Rumple to arrive, before he showed up. I wonder if it was really that difficult for her to go along with him.

J – I think saving her family, her town and her friends was more important than her freedom.

Timeline of the episode is after the king’s death, but before the death of the first Prince Charming. I base this on the queen’s outfit and demeanor, Rumple talking through the mirror, and the fact that the ogre wars were on. If the ogre wars were going, charming wouldn’t have been dueling with a random giant or whatever it was, he would have been out fighting in the war.

J – From what I understand, Jane Espenson mentioned in a live Tweet Chat that there were many Ogre Wars, so that will make it tough to nail down the timeline for sure (to me).

Do you think that Regina has been planning this for a while or hatched it on the sidewalk when he used please to make her go away? I think that he overused please since Emma came back, and it finally clicked for Regina that he knows.

J – I believe so. EQ and Rumpel never act without a plan. Interesting to note that the Mysterious Stranger also used the word “plan” about his visit to Henry.

Why did he stifle saying “Not if I find him first” in his home, but then said it at the police station?

J – Maybe he got angrier, and didn’t care after awhile who knew what his intentions were.

Why did Rumple have all the windows covered? Was it because he didn’t like sunlight, or because they are reflective surface so Sydney and the Queen could see through them?

J – That is a popular theory that all reflective surfaces could possibly be used by “The Magic Mirror” to report back to the Evil Queen. I would add my 2 cents that Rumpel seems to create a cell-like feeling to wherever he lives.

If “true love’s kiss” can break any spell, why didn’t it end when Mary Margaret and David kissed?

J – I don’t think it does. I think different things break different curses. I think that statement was either a lie from EQ herself or a lie that Rumpel told EQ.

How Dumb is David?? He didn’t know that the card he gave to Mary Margaret was yellow (the color of friendship) and not the red one (the color of love)? He just bought them a few hours before, he shouldn’t have “forgot” that quickly.

J – David is very dumb.

Crazy Theories (probably not, but can’t hurt to say them out loud):

Is it possible, that Graham, the Huntsman, the Big Bad Wolf, could also be Baelfire? Assuming he ran off, not long after the turning to the dark one, he wound up living with wolves.

J – That could work.

They mentioned the village Avonlea in the opening scene. This is, at least one story, from the film Anne of Green Gables. In this same episode they mention “a certain mermaid”, What if they do what they do and flip the story of Ariel? They have her father make a deal with Rumple to make her a human when she was a baby, and she grew up as Anne of Green Gables?

J – Hmm, very interesting. It could be another criss-crossed Fairy Tale. Nice pull. 🙂

Serious theory:

I feel like the end of the episode, when Regina came to his home and informed him that Belle killed herself, he lost it. He first blamed himself, but then thought about it and blamed the Queen for it by putting the kiss idea in Belle’s head. It is at this point, Rumple decides to destroy her, so he creates “the curse”, and begins the process of interactions to make it all happen the way that it has.

J – Makes sense. Quite possible.

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode. However, I am so upset every award show seems to take OUAT’s time. Stupid Oscars!

J – I know. Hang in there. 🙂

Dave from MI”

One thought on “OUAT – Dave from Michigan’s missed email

  1. Maid Maleen

    I think Dave is right. EQ/Regina does use a little different voice in FT/Storybrooke . She also has different “looks” that she uses. In the Pilot , maybe it was the second ep. when she takes the book away from Henry I see her look at him like the EQ looks at people. And I thought yikes that was not a loving look that a mother would give to a son even is she was upset with him for doing something. Also I think Dave is right about when Rumple decided to destroy the EQ. It all hinges back to Belle and what she did to her, only Rumple doesn’t know that yet but he does blame her.

    I am not looking forward to another break in the OUAT either. But at least I have some of the episodes now and can watch them.


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