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Welcome to the a Special Episode of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast First Thoughts about “Tallahassee”. This is a podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time.


The podcast is hosted by Jeff and Colleen Roney, a married couple from Orange County, CA.

The goal of the episode is for us to give our first thoughts, warts and all, so here it is.

Notes taken while watching episode (Note: Some where ideas that were corrected as episode went on):

“Reminds me of death”
“No more beans”
Jack killed all the giants, but 1.
Giants used the beans to plunder the lands.
Bae is Jack?
Repel intruders
Counter spell from Cora
Portland (Not Phoenix or Tallahassee)
Mystery man reappears
Neal Cassidy – thief
Drinks – August
Getting home
Poppy powder – Oz Sleepy
Vut it down
Did Mulan get to Oz?
Hook is Cora –
“…open book…”
:Wrote, then crossed out: Neal isn’t the father? (Robbery scene)
Emma’s not pregnant
Dream Catcher
Bonnie and Clyde
Was Storybrooke chosen like Tallahassee was?
nightmares are side-affects of the sleeping curse. Snow and Aurora
candles capture nightmares
keep watch
Snow is going up after Emma?
The scene of the “final battle”
Rum waste it
Treasure Cave.
“Run like Hell” Pink Floyd
Neal – Watches
Con to get watches – Love
Nice to see Emma happy
Area at the top of the beanstalk look Mulanish
Emma and Hook
Red Room – no doors or windows. On fire.
Someone staring from the corner
Jack with magical sword
“Almost home”
August – following Emma
Guardian Angel – 2 years
Scene same as “Dreamy”
The box
Money’s not what she needs
August sent the post card
“Victors (Hidden Frankenstein reference?) get to tell the story”
The “Lost TV” cave looking mouse hole
You’ve got mail
Henry’s dream

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Thanks for listening. Jeff and Colleen.

3 thoughts on “OUAT First Thoughts – 2X06 Tallahassee

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  2. Belinda

    ***Beware spoilers!***

    I really don’t know what’s in the box. We know now that if people believe in magic, they’ll see what it really is (unlike Emma). Did he bring anything from the other land when he brought Emma through as a baby?

    I think Henry and Aurora saw each other in the red room. Maybe they’ll be able to use it to communicate between worlds?!

    I don’t think August set out to con Neil out of the money. Neil insisted he take the money to give to Emma, and August first said no… but then gave in to pressure. I think he tried to resist, but caved because he’s weak.

    Lastly… The only reason Hook has nice eyes is because he wears so much eyeliner. Real men don’t need makeup! (Sorry Colleen!) xx

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