OUAT – What’s in the Box? Talahassee

When August initially arrived in Storybrooke with his mysterious box, he opened it for Emma, and Emma saw a typewriter

However, when the box was opened for Neal Cassady in “Tallahassee” we do not know what was seen

so this scene was more reminiscent of the mysterious “box” like a scene in Pulp Fiction

My thinking is that Neal did not see a typewriter (as Emma did), because I think it is a magical object in the box. If we take August’s leg and how Emma saw them before and after she “believed” in magic/the curse/her place in breaking the curse, etc, I think we can surmise that (if Neal believed) he saw something pretty cool in the box.

We discuss that and more in our First Thoughts podcast episode concerning “Tallahassee” here: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/ouat-first-thoughts-2×05-tallahassee/

3 thoughts on “OUAT – What’s in the Box? Talahassee

  1. Cindy hazuda

    My theory changes from day to day, but each time August describes what’s in the box it’s almost like he’s talking to the viewers as well. Today I think it holds a typewriter, and signifies the written words of a storyteller. The stories of the writer are the ultimate portal. They transport the viewer and characters to many places. And yes, August, I’m going to watch you carry that box around. Always wondering, never knowing, what is in that box. And once I see what it holds, I will believe whatever the writer wants me to believe. (even if it’s Frankenstein) As for the red room, today I see it in some way as a fire started by a dream candle which catches Red’s cape afire. I know that makes no sense, but neither does Frankenstein in Storybrook. Thank you again for your wonderful podcasts. At the end of every Sunday’s show I first think “NO! it’s over for a whole week 🙁 “. But then I remember . . Yay! Podcasts! 🙂

  2. Manny

    Since those scenes take place in 2001,….. and are in our world (outside Storybrooke), it couldn’t be anything magical. There was no magic in our world yet. And I believe there is still no magic in OUR world. I believe that magic has only come to Storybrooke,….which is a contradiction in itself, because magic came to Storybrooke the moment they arrived here with the Dark Curse!. Anyway, it would have to be the drawing, or something personal to Neal himself that is not going to make him believe in magic,…it will be something personal to Neal that is going to make him believe in August, and that he knows what he is talking about.
    I’m shooting at Neal being the March Hare, as his birthdate showed to be in March on the Wanted Poster.
    But, whether or not he is Baelfire or anybody else, it seems the writers have painted themsleves into a corner with suggesting that August didn’t know who Neal was…….. If it is a vortex, Tinkerbell, or anything magical, they will have to explain magic being in our world in 2001. If it is the drawing of the Dagger, they will have to explain how August knew it was Baelfire, The White Rabbit, March Hare, Peter Pan, ect., ect…..


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