3 thoughts on “OUAT – Great OUAT found – The Curse and The Hope

  1. Loveisfree42

    One of the best youtube videos I have seen in a really long time. I got chills and tears in my eyes 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Manny

    WOW! No credits given… Who’s responsible for this?? This is wonderful! Is this yours Jeff? it has your fingerprints on it! The page turning sound effect! That’s totally you! But, the speed of the video collage effect is awsome! What software is that? The build, the climax and then the quiet epilogue at the end with Emma and Henry “Oh kid,….you’ve got problems. Yup! and you’re gonna fix ’em!”…brilliant touch! My fav’ part!

    1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      Nope, this awesome video wasn’t made by any of the OUAT Fan Podcast crew. I did include the link we found it at on youtube, though.


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