OUAT – Ipod device spotted in ‘Desperate Souls’ episode.

As the camera pans to show Emma destroying the toaster, we see what is playing Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing,” and it is a iPod Touch (possibly an iPhone?) in a iHome type speaker base:

Also see the MacCutcheon Whiskey, as well.

So, this does challenge my theory that Storybrooke was frozen 28 years back from 2011, or it may introduce the idea that the more the breaking of the curse goes forward that items from 2011 will begin to appear in Storybrooke. What do you think?

Updated: So, the awesome @fyes_ouat reminded me that Emma brought it into Storybrooke. Mary Margaret doesn’t seemed to be too shocked by it. I wonder what else Emma “smuggled” into Storybrooke?

6 thoughts on “OUAT – Ipod device spotted in ‘Desperate Souls’ episode.

  1. admin Post author

    That makes sense, but Mary Margaret doesn’t seemed too shocked at something like an iPod device in a town that was frozen in the early 80’s. I also wonder what other devices (besides the usb device she used as well) she smuggled in as well.

  2. Manny

    Well, she also just mentioned in this last ep’ the “internet” to Henry and he didn’t make any funny faces afterwards either so….. AND! Didn’t Emma have her stuff shipped to her from Boston to MM’s place in ep’ 2 or 3 ?? That means at least “one” other person from our time and outside Storybrooke has been inside Storybrooke and was able to leave….. which makes sense, but blows the theory that Storybrooke is closed off to the outside world.

    1. Manny

      Absolutely! Great dig! (totally forgot that one,duh!) And that was BEFORE Henry even knew who his mother was!!… I wonder if that was an “oops!” or intensional by the writers?…. Some situations are created all by themselves just through logistics.

  3. Joel from Green Bay

    Yes Storybrooke does look like it is stuck in a time warp. Notice Emma is the only one with a smartphone. One thing though…all items appear 26 years old in Storybrooke EXCEPT the police car Sheriff Graham / Emma drives. Regina drives an older model Mercedes. The cop car is a newer model.


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