OUAT – Mysterious Stranger’s (for a moment) Mystery Box

So, we now know what is in the Mysterious Stranger’s mysterious box, but until he opened it for Emma, it reminded me of JJ Abram’s explanation of the wonder he (and we all have) has with The Mystery/Magic Box. I mentioned this in the podcast, and I wanted to share the video of it:

Anyway, for a moment the Mysterious Stranger’s box was a Mystery Box. Mystery, withholding information, etc (thus mysterious) is central to Once Upon a Time.

We discussed this in the First Thoughts podcast episode on 7:15AM

One thought on “OUAT – Mysterious Stranger’s (for a moment) Mystery Box

  1. Manny

    Thanks for that Jeff, that was really interesting! We’ve had our share of those in this show, that’s for sure….. The Fairytale Book Itself is a magic box, the recent “Apple in the Leather Pouch” and your favorite….. that big magic box with the clock tower on it! I’m not sure about this, but I understand that, that “type” of a typewriter is significant to blood sacrifices having to do with an Edgar Allan Poe story, I’ll have to dig for that one!


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