003 OUAT First Thoughts – 7:15AM

Welcome to the a Special Episode (003) of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast First Thoughts about “7:15AM”. This is a podcast dedicated to the hit ABC TV show, Once Upon a Time.


The podcast is hosted by Jeff and Colleen Roney, a married couple from Orange County, CA.

The goal of the episode is for us to give our first thoughts, warts and all. There are plenty of warts in this episode, btw.

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Thanks for listening. Jeff and Colleen.

4 thoughts on “003 OUAT First Thoughts – 7:15AM

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  3. smartiepop

    I love these first thoughts! Thank you for them!

    Here are a few of my thoughts:

    1. It never crossed my mind that the mysterious stranger could be the author of Henry’s book. However, Regina did mention that he was “familiar” but she looks genuinely perplexed by who he is. So he obviously has some role in fairytale land but not a character that the Evil Queen knows. This leads me to believe that the mysterious stranger is the NARRATOR. That’s why he can leave and come back to Storybrooke…while he is a necessary presence in fairy tales he comes and goes as he is needed. Perhaps something will happen in SB that will change a classic fairy tale if everyone is sent back to fairytale land, and that’s why he’s needed (i.e. the narration for the story needs to change).

    2. I thought the flock of birds was the point that “home” is where the people are that love and support you. That’s why Grumpy says they are taking Snow “home,” because they all will take care of her while she tries to mend her broken heart. I think this is a great turning point from the general moral that OUAT is spouting: that only your biological family can be your REAL family.

    3. I’m not a fan of Mary Margaret and David getting together while he’s still married, but it’s possible that this follows the fairy tale. We still don’t know exactly how the windmill figures into David’s memory. Perhaps they are all false memories placed there by Mr. Gold since it doesn’t seem like James had a whole bunch of positive memories with Abigail before their relationship ended.

    4. Does anyone know if the Blue Fairy is going to make an appearance? I found it interesting that Grumpy made a reference to his love looking like a fairy. Maybe it’s the Blue Fairy!

    1. Manny

      Hey! smartiepop,
      I’m completely with you on points 2,3 and 4, although I still believe the windmill to be part of the Dark Curses phony backstory for David….. However point #1….. interesting!, although, I still believe Rumple/Mr.Gold wrote and illustrated the FairyTale Book in an effort to get the ball rolling with Henry. And we know Henry got the book “one” month before Emma turned 28yrs old (per her conversation w/Archie about Henry’s obsession with the Book) But!,…. I believe that the FairyTale Book only depicts “The Past” of FairyTale Land up to the point of the Dark Curse hitting, marking the End of FairyTaleLand’s existance and becoming Storybrooke, (ie; the last page of the book being Emma put into the enchanted wardrobe)…… “leaving” every event that has taken place, so far, after Emma’s arrival and the restart of time, “UNDOCUMENTED!” and in need of (Your Idea) an author or narrator to continue the stories here in Storybrooke!
      The Stranger has stated that he was “staying”, then “visiting”, then “having something to do in Storybrooke and the thing in the box was to help him do what it is he needs to do”
      Bill (OUAT blogger) writes that he believes the stranger to be one of the “Grimms”…… that would fit nicely!
      Thanks for that new path! smartiepop! and Welcome!!


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