OUAT- Mystery Man in Broken Updated: 10/5/12

In the Season 2 premiere, we were introduced to a mystery character.

Even though, he was not a character directly involved with this episode. We are being introduced to him, because he will become a important character in future episodes.

We know he lives in a city, alone in a apartment.

Note: The strange poster on the back wall has been found – on Google (Thanks Tammy): http://www.aestheticapparatus.com/products.php?subsection=Art%20Prints&fs_page=3

We know he belongs to the fairytale world, somehow. He received a post card from Storybrooke. Someone has been waiting for him.

Who sent him the post card?. Who sent this calling card to tell him the curse has been broken, it’s safe to return.

Is it telling him somebody needs help?.

Who is he?. Is he Henry’s father?, Is he Baelfire?

Tell us your suspicions, thoughts and theory’s below.

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4 thoughts on “OUAT- Mystery Man in Broken Updated: 10/5/12

  1. Shannon

    To me, the most telling thing in the mystery man’s apartment was the poster of the red hand on the wall. Something that seems to have slipped under the radar for many OUAT fans is Emma’s tattoo. Jennifer Morrison doesn’t have a tattoo there, but it’s been appearing since the pilot without a single framing shot in he entire 1 season. Very sneaky guys. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, it’s placed in the same spot as the circle on the red hand on MM’s wall. Perhaps ironically, our best look at it appears in the episode “Red Handed”.

    I put that little graphic together last night. Note that it also resembles the overhead view of Snow/Charming’s wedding, and Snow is wearing similar looking flowers in her hair in that scene as well. On top of that, MM’s red hand poster resembles illustration about “hand-fasting”, a celtic marriage or bonding ceremony. From wikipedia’s definition:

    “The term is derived from the verb to handfast, used in Middle to Early Modern English for the making of a contract of marriage.[2] The term is originally from Old Norse hand-festa “to strike a bargain by joining hands.”

    To strike a deal, huh? πŸ˜‰

    I think it’s clear this guy is from Emma’s past – likely Henry’s father. And I’ll go so far as to say I bet my money on him being Baelfire as well. Doesn’t his whole house kinda resemble the vibe of Gold’s Pawnshop?


    1. Manny

      I’m wondering if it is significant as to which hand these symbols are meant? The poster appears to be showing a right hand and Emma’s Tatt’ is on her left. Possibly suggesting that the male involved would have his Tatt’ on his right hand…. and when embraced, his right to her left…. the tattoos meet? Interesting!

      Bae’ would be 41 to 42 years old now if he crossed at 14 and arrived in 1983 as all others did. Which would also mean that a 31 or 32 year old Baelfire hooked up with a 17 year old Emma!, Whoa!…… and doesn’t know he has a son.
      “He totally understood what that postcard meant”…. So, someone from Storybrooke has been informing him this whole time! Only one he knows from Storybrooke is the “Reul Ghorm”/The Blue Fairy!, and he only knows her from FairyTaleLand!… So if she knows of Baelfire and where he was, then he also knows August/Pinocchio through her as well. Thus Bae’s connection to all the events of FTL after he had left. The Blue Fairy and Pinocchio.
      Which now suggests that Henry’s Book could have been written and produced by Geppetto by way of the Blue Fairy, with Jimny looking over his shoulder. They had at least nine months to write it between the EQ threatening the Curse at the wedding and showing up at the castle with the Dark Curse. Which would also explain how AWB learned to lace up and bind Books! … Geppetto taught him.
      There was something that Henry said to Archie way back in episode 5, “That Stiil Small Voice” when they were all out at the sink hole. Henry waved over Emma and Archie and told them; “This requires all of Operation Cobra. Both of you.” Archie: ” I didn’t realize I was in Operation Cobra.” Henry: ” Of course you are, YOU KNOW EVERYTHING.” unquote!
      The Blue Fairy leaving Rumple’/Gold out of the Book would be to protect Henry from Mr.Gold/Rumple’. You saw how he was about to cut August’s throat over who told him about the Dark One and who told him about the Dagger. August replies: “A little fairy”.
      But, that would mean, If Mr.Gold/Rumple’ didn’t write the Book, then he would have been very curious about the Book and would have wanted to see what was in it. But, to date, has never asked Henry about his Book, which means he wrote it or has seen it somehow and decided it wasn’t a threat, and that it would help his cause……….But, then that, as IS much of Rumple’/Mr.Gold’s storyline, would have required him to have his memory way before Emma’s arrival…… Years before Emma’s arrival! “I’m not buying this bogus about when Gold/Rumple’ got his memory! I’m telling you we’re being played! *Unreliable Narrators*” Hahaha!, sorry, just thinkin out loud! 8^)P

  2. Manny

    I’m with you Shannon….

    He struck me as Baelfire right from the start. And I’m NOT one of the “Bae’ is Henry’s father” fans either. I suspected he was in Boston at first. It seems Storybrooke’s missing children have a tendency to end up in the Boston foster care system for some reason, two states away from Maine. We know that where ever Pinocchio and Emma came through to OUR world, they ended up in a Boston foster system home as was shown in ep.20 “The Stranger”. But, as he continued to walk home, it was revealed through several background images that he was in New York City. Jeff has shown two instances above and there was a third hanging from a light pole on the street that beared the initials NYC. Above, in the first box, Jeff has captured two more. Bae’ is standing next to a map on the subway, and to “his” right the map reads New York City. In the same box above, the image changes to Bae’ exiting an ascending escalator in the subway terminal. Just to his left, there is a blue “MTA” sign bearing the name New York City Transit below it.
    The post card “Broken” marks the timeline as to between the finale and now. Did you notice the time on the clock, ON the postcard? 8:15. Which means that, that post card was made or is from a, pre Emma’s arrival, Storybrooke. His room is filled with 80’s era items such as the “Technics” turntable and tuner. Lots of microphones on the top shelf…. possible DJ?
    The tattoo on Emma’s wrist signifying a symbolic marriage in medievil times would fit Baelfire’s origine and customs as he was from that era. And Emma, being from our time, and a 17 year old in love wouldn’t know anything about that tradition unless told by someone who did know. That symbol is every where in Storybrooke. It was also on the cookies that Hansal/Josef & Gretel/Ava were eating at Mary Margrets when Emma was asking about their father.

    So far the music chosen has had some significance in the past, to the storyline in Storybrooke. Sunday nights track was Lou Reed’s “Charley’s Girl”… will have to look up those lyrics….somethng like; “You better watch out for Charley’s girl”

    One more thing, …… Mr. Gold/Rumple’ and Belle kissed,……. and Gold/Rumple’ is still the Dark One!,…. So, their kiss is no longer *True Love’s Kiss*… and I’m pretty sure it’s not on Belle’s side that lacks the True Love part…..


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