OUAT – 2X01 “Broken” opening scene screenshots and thoughts

First scene opened in a very different way, but with a Lost TV Show eye (Horse eye)

Song used in scene (This time Lou Reed’s Charley’s Girl)

Charley’s Girl by Lou Reed on Grooveshark

The last time we saw an elevator used was to kill Maleficent

This view of his desk and room is very reminiscent of August’s room at Granny’s. Also interesting to note that there is a storm. A storm usually herald’s a change coming. Notice the sign “Cleaners and Hatters”

Lots of clocks and radios and records.

A single bird is flying way out the window. We also see a dream catcher.

Lots of microphones, cameras, etc. Sort of a mini Mr. Goldish person.

A dove with a message arrives. The last time we saw that was with Charming and Snow.

The message, “Broken”. It looks like Henry may have written. Did he write it on purpose, or was he made to write it? Is Henry’s father reading the message and being asked to return to Henry?

Greetings from Storybrooke.

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One thought on “OUAT – 2X01 “Broken” opening scene screenshots and thoughts

  1. Ryan Lile

    I’ve analyzed the screen-caps and I’m gonna say that it’s Baelfire/White Rabbit we meet in the opening moments of “Broken,”


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