OUAT – New! Oncer YouTube Quiz #1

Here we go again. I’ve thought alot about using the powerful youtube platform to reach out to Oncers, and this is the first attempt. This is very basic, and yes lot’s more can be added, but I wanted to see what the response would be. My initial research found that some said that these types of mutli-video games wouldn’t make that big of a splash, but I think with the thousands of Oncers religiously watching fan vids, sneak peeks, etc, the nay-sayers are wrong. We will see.

Note: This cannot be played properly on Smartphones. Sorry.

Maybe we’ll all look back on this and say, “Remember, those videos that Jeff did that took over youtube,” or not. We’ll see. Thanks for checking it out and leaving comments here.

8 thoughts on “OUAT – New! Oncer YouTube Quiz #1

    1. Admin of Storybrooke ;) Post author

      For sure. I wanted to see if it would work with just 2. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

    1. Manny

      Now all you need are “KickAxe” questions!. Make ’em hard! You don’t want anyone walking away grunting that their “Grandma could have answered those questions!…” Make ’em work!


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