OUAT – OUAT Co – developer Lindelof wooed back to TV

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof will be setting up to develop projects with Warner Bros. Television for the next three years, according to reports.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the Lost co-creator and the co-writer of Ridley Scott’s upcoming film Prometheus is very close to agreeing to a three-year deal with Warner Bros. TV. J.J. Abrams, who created Lost with Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber, also works at the studio, as do several other TV veterans, including Greg Berlanti, Josh Schwartz and Kevin Williamson.

Lindelof told Deadline that he is making the move so that he can dedicate himself to television writing. “This (deal) is about me creating my next show,” he explained.

Lindelof, who is also currently working on Abrams’ Star Trek sequel, said that he has just about had enough of science fiction and would like to work in another genre. “I think certainly film-wise, I’m spaced out, I think I’ve got the robot-spaceship future bug out of my system.”

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