OUAT – OUAT Fan PC Meeup info

The first Official OUAT Fan Podcast Meetup
September 15th and 16th at the Disneyland resort
This is for listeners of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast to meet at Disneyland, get to know each other and have a fun time.

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The Official brochure link: HERE

CHANGE OF SCHEDULE Note: 9/16/12 We will not be meeting at the Buena Vista hub at 8:00AM. We will be meeting at 10:00AM at the entrance to Radiator Springs Racers.

CHANGE OF SCHEDULE Note: 9/14/12 Because of excessive heat, we will be having a Chill Break Saturday directly after Autopia until the Dinner at La Brea Bakery. No Star Tours ride will be on the schedule. We strongly advise that all attendees take a break from the heat and find a spot to enjoy the Air Conditioning (Innoventions, Animation building at DCA, lobby at a local hotel, etc) or if you are staying in a local hotel, take a dip in the pool, take a cold shower, etc.

Reminder: We have prepared Listener BigLove packs and lanyards for listeners that are attending, and that is why we asked many times for listeners to confirm they would be attending, so we could have enough.

Note: There will be some giveaways at the dinner on Saturday. You MUST be present to win.

Note: There may be changes to the schedule, so please follow us on Twitter: @OUATpodcast

Here is some info concerning folks with mobility challenges: http://disneyland.disney.go.com/plan/guest-services/mobility-disabilities/

Some of the attendees will be using the disability passes (Guest Assistance Cards), which allows (I believe) 5 others to join them and get in a shorter line to reduce the standing in line. On rides like Radiator Springs Racers for example, there is an entrance for those with disabilities to join there group with some stairs, as well as another entrance with no stairs at all to ride the ride.

We will discuss more at the meetup itself. If you are coming, see you there.

3 thoughts on “OUAT – OUAT Fan PC Meeup info

  1. Elise

    I just heard about this from my friend Carla. I will do my best to try and attend and will be looking forward to keeping up with everything through this site! How fun!


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