OUAT – Snow White’s Castle background comparison

So, here is the first shot of the Evil Queen in her new castle (following the death of her husband) Note the background:

I thought it was similar to one of the walls of MMB’s classroom:

and David B (and an awesome listener of the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast) mentioned he felt the design was similar to Snow White’s coffin top:

What do you think?

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One thought on “OUAT – Snow White’s Castle background comparison

  1. Bob

    Yup – clearly part of the set design motif is to give Fairlyland an organic, woodsy feel. Thinking that Snow’s room is decorated that way because of her connection to the woods/nature/bluebirds…. The coffin has the same organic feel like it is part of the trees. But I don’t read anything significant into it, other than that is the vibe that they are going for. Unless the woods are intended to become a character, like the island became one in Lost.


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