OUAT – Storybrooke has the Island on Lost problems

So, sure we have seen groups of unnamed people in Storybrooke before;

Any day many people are walking around on the Main Street of Storybrooke,

Miner’s Day festivities,

Sheriff debate,

Town Hall Meeting,

Henry’s school, etc, but I noticed more unnamed people closely in front of Regina’s house:

Sure, these could be just extras, but when you keep hearing that the people in Storybrooke are “Fairy Tale characters ripped from their world and sent here,” and “No one can get in (except for Henry, Emma and August (Pinocchio),” then you must come to the hard reality that all these people must be some kind of Fairy Tale character, unless the Fairy Tale characters joined the unsuspecting townsfolk of pre-curse Storybrooke.

Okay, let’s step away from that for a second and go through my constant chuckle at Lost. A plane crash with survivors. You get to know these survivors, but then as you watch the show there are these background people carrying sticks, water, etc. Who are these people? Watch a few episodes of Lost show the survivors and you’ll see that instead of just a small number of survivors, there are many other people wandering around in the background. I called them “stick carriers”.

To me, Storybrooke has the same thing now.

We have even named a few. I give you Cap Man;


this guy even takes change from the pay phone in Granny’s diner.

What kind of background people have you noticed in Once Upon a Time? How do you account for all the extra people?

2 thoughts on “OUAT – Storybrooke has the Island on Lost problems

  1. Manny

    LOL! Ha!… Actually ran into the guy that Rumple’ turned into a “snail” and then stepped on?…. yeah, he showed up in Storybrooke before they showed him getting killed by Rumple’, so I’m guessing they thought we wouldn’t notice. Hahahah! we did!…. He’s in the front row of the seats on the right wearing a cowboy hat at the city meeting that Sidney and Emma try to expose Regina for steeling city funds to supposedly build herself a mansion in the woods….

  2. Manny

    Well, Regina claims that Rumple’s Dark Curse “built all this” as she says! So, that would mean there was nobody there…or actually nothing there, just forest before the Curse came and built it all. So that would mean everyone there IS from FTL…or is a Character from some story, from some fictional world, right?
    That’s what i always believed…..


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