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When the news that Beaches star Barbara Hershey was cast as Cora, the Evil Queen’s mother, Twitter went chaotic. Beaches fans were happy to see Barbara Hershey again and the #EvilRegals were happy to finally get more back story on the Evil Queen/Regina. So this was a win-win situation for everybody! 🙂

So in anticipation of this week’s episode, The Hollywood Reporter was able to sit down with Barbara Hershey for some questions and much anticipated answers about how Regina became evil.

‘Once Upon a Time’: Barbara Hershey Teases the Evil Mother’s ‘Warped’ Ways (Q&A)

The Evil Queen wasn’t always the scheming, malicious person Once Upon a Time followers have known her to be. As it’s revealed in Sunday’s episode, the Evil Queen’s mother is far worse.

Oscar nominee Barbara Hershey stops by fairy tale land on the ABC drama as Cora, the mother of the Evil Queen, a.k.a. Regina (Lana Parilla), in “The Stable Boy.” And as Hershey tells it, Cora “has great ambition for her daughter” as every mother does. The only catch: Her desires for Regina aren’t exactly coming from a place that’s pure.

Read more here  – http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/once-upon-a-time-barbara-hershey-cora-regina-306049

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