‘The Price’ Analysis – Main Show – 294

OUAT The Price Analysis

In our OUAT The Price Analysis in our Once Upon A Time Podcast Main Show there are many parts to take a closer look at within the main storyline;

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Regina the Hero

Regina is experiencing one of the down sides of being a “good” person that isn’t ruled by their passions and revenge. She allowed herself to be part of a team, and as Season 5 unfolds – she is now the only member who has magical power. Being a hero is just like being Heavy Weight Champion Boxer, you can’t rest on the accolades alone, you will be challenged all along the way to get and keep the tile.

She is being tested to become the savior – to save Emma. She is now all alone. Anyone who could help her have been incapacitated. Regina is now on the Joseph Campbell’s Heroes Journey, for all the right reasons, but to save Emma, her friends and keep her Happy Ending, she must face the path of becoming a Hero that includes temptations to go back to being a Villain.

Hook the Hero

Hook feared being pulled back into the darkness, and the closer he gets to Emma, the more he will be tempted and tested. Is Hook strong enough to stay untouched by the Darkness and rescue Emma, too?


What is The Fury?

Is the Fury an Angry Tree? So many people are trapped in trees, is the Fury that kidnapped Robin, perhaps Sneezy or even Merlin? What if The Fury is being used to lead Regina down the path toward being a hero?


Or is The Fury part of the dream Regina had in ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul’ 4X16?

In ‘The Price’, Regina told The Fury, “You’re not taking him anywhere!”


In ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul’, the Evil Queen Regina told the present Regina, “Get away from him!”


It may be a stretch but it almost seemed like even back in Season 4 that her redeemed Hero self was being tested. Is she fighting her old self?

Can we trust the New Group from Camelot?

We know Percival can’t be trusted, but Arthur did help save Regina’s life from being paid.

OUAT The Price Analysis

Episode Number:

Show notes can be found at: 294


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MMB’s Front Yard in Steveston is getting some major work.

A small patch of public greenspace in Steveston was scheduled to lose part of its tree cover this week.

A total of five trees, including a mature oak that is roughly 70-feet tall, were to be chopped down for re-development of the site beside the Steveston Post Office and Moncton Street boardwalk for a Japanese-themed garden.

“A pair of two old ladies sitting on a bench nearby told me the woman was probably crying about the trees,” Hazama said. “Who knows what it really was. Maybe she had a special connection with the trees. Maybe she met her boyfriend there.”

– See more at: http://www.richmond-news.com/news/steveston-park-trees-slated-for-removal-1.2081065#sthash.o0QQAY74.dpuf

Once Podcast has some scoop from Ney York Comic Con (There will be Spoilers, too):


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Reini Side’s Interview

Part 1




Our Storybrooke Periscope Tour



Email points:

From Ken –

Hi Jeff & Colleen.

Pond, Camelot, Emma & Rumple scenes in the forest and probably the forest scenes in Storybrooke – Burnaby Central Park.

A short distance away at Roberts Burnaby Park – Emma & Rumple, Merida scenes.

Both parks just a few miles away from the studio lot we visited on your first trip.

I agree … like in many mythologies as Manny and I discussed during season 1 or 2, trees play key roles throughout the series.
Spiritual trees like the Kalpa Tree http://listverse.com/2014/03/24/10-amazing-legends-of-mythological-trees/.

BTW … the pictures I sent you before re: horses in Steveston was from this past week’s episode.


From Aleana

Really enjoyed it! 🙂 The ending Dark One monologue was haunting but powerful,”the pull of the family we so desperately to protect ” “the friendships that make it possible to forget who we use to be” “the magic that threatened to undue our most evil things” “the love that refuses to give up on us.” “We can’t escape the reach of the light”.

Ooo, interesting! leaving Storybooke, across the town line, makes you trapped in a tree, like Merlin!

LOL, loved Regina’s sass, “Your lucky your not locked in Granny’s Freezer”

Haha, “How the hell are we going to give a tree a Taco”

Emma’s place! Nice place but it was empty. You can absolutely tell Jennifer is having a lot of fun in this new role.

I loved that Snow and Charming taught Regina how to dance and then questioned her Evil Queen dress choice lol.

Loved that Snow got to experience the ball with Emma and they both look stunning, 🙂

Haha, Charming giving Henry girl advice, “Your from another land, your mysterious”. Violet and Henry bonding over music on his iPod 🙂

The entire ball scene was lovely, very Disney movie-esque.

The Dark Swan and Regina scene was excellent, really great acting. I loved how everyone banded together with Regina to stop the Fury I just hope it’s a group effort in saving the town and Emma not just one person 🙂 The promo for next week looks heartbreaking.


From Chris Tipton

Hey yall… I felt like this was a pretty average episode. Had some good moments but pretty slow in alot of places,but alas, my top 5

5) Henry and Violet… I loved this. Henry finally has a love interest (other than Cinnabon)…adorbs!! I wonder if they’re memories might not be gone, they just need something to jog them, as Violet said she felt like she heard that song before. I did feel like she took seeing such an alien piece of technology a little too calmy… Also we need a ship name for them… Violet heart anyone?

4) The Fury… Im not educated at all on Arthurian Legend but i thought the fury is from Greek mythology? Maybe yall can correct me on this. It also reminded me alot of the shadow from Neverland. I was extremely underwhelmed with the resolution to the fury. They didn’t explain at all how they defeated it.

3) The new Curse… Yawn another curse. I am relieved there is a new effect though to leaving the town. Since they turn into a tree, and Merlin was in a tree, maybe whoever put Merlin in that tree has something to do with this curse. Maybe it wasn’t Emma at all that cursed them back to Storybrooke. If it was, who knew she had a thing for trees? Id also like to know how emma cursed everyone to storybrooke, if in fact it was her. If she just did it without needing to use all ingredientszit invalidates all of season one basically. What could she have possibly sacrificed that she loves most. Its clearly Hook right now and hes just fine.

2) King Arthur…. Im really digging his character. Having him and other people from Camelot show up in Storybrooke was awesome. I do wonder if this curse pulled all of Camelot to Storybrooke. I suspect Arthur isn’t as Benevolent as we think, especially with him spying on them with the necklace.

1) Emma, Hook and Regina… I loved Hook in this episode. Im very pleased he resisted Emmas advances. Its a shock to me that Emma actually enjoys being the dark one now and she feels its who she is. I found it so hilarious Regina controlling Emma with the dagger. It seemed so campy, it reminded me of the movie Ella Enchanted where Ella had no choice to obey whatever command someone gave her. The moment Emma and Snow shared in Camelot (Which reminds me… Lady Mary-Margarrete? When has she been called this in the enchanted forest) makes it all the more devastating that Emma has embraced the darkness. Their relationship had come so far from the end of season 4. So i have to wonder why everyone was freaking out about Regina needing to see a doctor… She can heal herself with a wave of her hand. Regina looked amazing in her ball gown… Possibly my favorite look yet on her. I find the idea that Emma healing Robin having the price of a life ridiculous. How many times have we seen people healed through magic and its never cost a life… I feel like this was just a cheap plot device to make Regina be seen as a savior. Seeing Emma start to turn Gold was awesome… I really hope we end up seeing her fully gold. I liked the ending. I wonder if the dark one reuniting Excalibur and the dagger makes the dark one all powerful and kills everyone they love so there is nothing to bring them back, this is how the light is snuffed out. I didn’t like this episode quite as much as the premier simply because of the ridiculous fury resolution.

8/10 Rose Petals


From Chris from Cincinnati

Hi Jeff and Colleen,

I’m only halfway through your initial reaction to The Price as I type this so my apologies if some of this was mentioned already.

I am the world’s worst at remembering the names of new characters (How I can follow Game of Thrones is anyone’s guess) but when Henry met up with his princess in Storybrooke, all I could think of was Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. All that was missing was Henry referring to someone in Camelot as a “Royal Ugly Dude” 🙂

When Disney bought the rights to the Muppets, did they get the rights to all of Jim Henson’s properties? If they did, I’m wondering if when Excalibur is joined with the Dark One dagger, the Dark One and The Savior will join together to form a completely new being as in Jim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal”

Keep up the great work!!

Chris in Cincinnati (To further distinguish myself from the plethora of Chris’ listening out there)

Hi again,

Colleen, probably an exception that proves your point about superheroes and families, but what about Hawkeye in Avengers: Age of Ultron? 🙂

Chris from Cincinnati


From Trace

Hello again Colleen and Jeff,

We made it another week, and another great episode. I have one thing to get out of the way, a question for all of you. Do you think that they are messing with fate by lying about the prophecy…let me clarify here…Merlin said clearly that the Savior would be the one to save him…being “appointed” the savior is different than actually being the one. Just because Emma is the dark one does not take away the fact that Emma was born the Savior. I would have loved to see her able to still use light magic as the savior, but struggle with the dark and use dark magic when she’s being controlled by the dark one. I think messing with the prophecy is going to be a huge issue-as I said last week-Regina is doing this with good intentions, what she thinks is right, but the consequences go horribly wrong-what do you all think?? I think Emma has struggled for 4 seasons with being the savior so now she is saying-“you all want to be the savior-let’s show you what that’s really like to be the savior”. Can’t wait to hear what you think. Here we go with the Price.

The relationships and dynamic between all the characters this week was so great. I just loved the dialogue with Emma and Regina, and OHH- Charming teaching Regina to dance…I had the feely feels for sure!! Belle and Hook had great conversations as well. All of them dancing at the ball so happy was so cute. A new ship? I’ve heard Violet Believer…so cute!!! Ok, so now we turn into a tree when we cross the town line? Regina saying “well, that’s a new one” made me laugh so hard. Emma saving Robin was so good for Regina, Emma using dark magic, not so good. I actually felt bad for Percival-until he tried to kill her, he did have a reason to be so upset…we all got a reminder that the Evil Queen was very, very evil, and her redemption has been great to witness. What’s with Excalibur?? I think Arthur and Guinevere need it to stay King and Queen and I believe that when it’s reunited by goodness it can get rid of the dark one, but…if done by the dark one…total darkness and no light…yah-that would suck! I think Emma is playing both sides here somehow, just haven’t figured it all out yet. She sort of actually helped Regina this episode in a sort of back handed way-she didn’t send the Fury, but she did warn her it was coming and helped her solve it. Just thinking out loud I guess. Oh wait…Colleen, I loved your theory about Merlin and the dark one being brothers! If that’s the case…maybe Blue is their mother!!!???? That would explain a lot wouldn’t it?? Just because your kid is evil, doesn’t mean you don’t love and try to protect them both regardless, which would account for some of her shadiness right?? Love it!

Things that made me go hmmm…Regina could have fixed sneezy the whole time and yet the poor lil guy spent like 2 days as a hood ornament? And…we can undo each others magic now? Why did Regina have such a hard time changing Marion back if she could have just undone the magic? No one is worried that Charming is going dark even though he killed Percival without a thought. Do you think if he had heard the backstory he would have been more mercival and just knocked him out or something? Ok…again-where’s Lilly? Is she hanging out in that Italian restaurant we’ve only seen once with Will? Can’t wait for that story to start to unfold. Big Love to you both and all the Oncers out there!! Told you everyone…just take it all in and love the show for all it gives us every week and don’t worry so much about a few misses…the hits are worth all of it!! Talk to you all next week!!!



From Rose

HI Jeff and Colleen!

So nice to be back with you guys for season 5 of Once Upon a Time. I love this new season and enjoy your in depth research into many of the aspects of the storyline. I had a little Season Premier Party with a few of my friends and I will share those photos with you at the end of the email. I watched last season’s finale in The Cincinnati area with Daniel and Jenny Lewis, Jeremy Laughlin, and some other Oncer’s. It was so much fun watching with them.

I love your podcast and appreciate the time and effort you put into it. Time is our most precious commodity and is priceless. Thank you for sharing your time with me and other Oncer’s who have a love of this show as you do. I’m looking forward to this being an amazing season and can’t wait for the next episode and your next podcast.

Big Love, Hope and Happily Ever Afters to you and Colleen!

Rose Mason


I made these popcorn boxes and water bottle labels for our premier party.


My friend Erin made the “Sword in the Stone” cake bites.


This was the sign that was on the outside of the Theater Door. Then when you opened the door the large Tapestry below with the Castle was hanging over the entrance to the theater.



From Brad

Hello Jeff and Colleen, take this advice from a great king, whenever having someone interviewed on the podcast, it is very unbecoming to try and kill your guest. Now onto the things I learning this week on the episode, The Price.

#1. Now is the perfect
opportunity for Sneezy to get
that chiseled jaw.

#2. Right in the middle of the
road is a dopey place to put a

#3. Henry needs to realize he’s
summoning the Dark One, not
Beetlejuice. (Emma Swan,
Emma Swan, Emma Swan).

#4. Even Doc can’t help sneak a
peek when Regina changes
into a revealing dress.

#5. Granny’s freezer doubles as a
jail cell.

#6. The greatest magical ability
in any realm, is the power
to shut someone up.

#7. When taking on a Fury, make
sure to equip a helmet.

#8. The price for saving everyone
from an alternate universe, is
an iPod.

#9. Whenever a man asks “may I
cut in” make sure he is
referring to dancing.

#10. The Fury hasn’t learned that
you never cross the


If Emma ever comes in contact with Merida’s brothers, it would be a new twist on Goldilocks and the three bears.

Regina led the town for 28 years as mayor and even though she was hiding the fact that she was the evil queen, she still did a great job. This makes her more qualified than anyone to lead the town and the metamorphosis she has went through gives her the motivation to be the perfect savior.

Why did true love’s kiss not work on Emma? Listening closely to Belle, she explains that true love’s kiss DID work the first time but because Rumple chose power over love, at that moment the Darkness forever regained it’s grip on him. Emma must have also made this choice while in Camelot. After healing Robin and kissing Hook, Rumple asks why her kiss didn’t stop her hand from turning gold, evidence that she liked the power. As Belle pointed out, “A curse isn’t a curse when the inflicted wants it.”


If Merlin is the most powerful sorcerer in all the realms, could it be possible that he turned himself into a tree in order to fulfill prophecy?

If Emma created this new curse, how did she get around sacrificing the one you love the most? Which brings me to another question, is this really Emma’s curse or could it possibly be Merlin’s?

Camelot only knows what will happen with Merlin’s prophecies but not how. Does Merlin know how or is his prophetic power just like Rumple’s?

Did Merida get taken to Storybrooke?


Putting Excalibur back together may release the Darkness from it’s limitations. Without a dagger to control the Dark One, nothing would stand in it’s way.

Have a great podcast!


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Big Love. Take what you need and pass it on.

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