OUAT – What are your rituals when you watch Once Upon A Time?

Once Upon A Time has been a show that have brought many people together, whether it is watching it online with friends or gathering around the living room with the entire family anxious to see what the next episode holds.

Some people watch Once Upon with a bucket of hot popcorn

or enjoying a delicious mug of hot chocolate with cinnamon

Whether you watch with your family

or alone while yelling at the TV

We want to know your OUAT Sunday night rituals! 🙂

Share with us your rituals in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “OUAT – What are your rituals when you watch Once Upon A Time?

  1. Elaina F

    Im alone…what I do is sit motionless in fromt of tv and fangurl when lana come up. I also eat a red apple in honor of Regina/EvilQueen

  2. Mandy

    Usually I would watch it with my best friend but I am home for the summer and I am now watching it by myself.However, when I was watching it with her, we would curse and scream at the TV and discuss every moment during the commercials. I would be on Twitter and in the chat rooms. Instead of popcorn I eat M&M’s and after the episode, we watch the promo for next week and speculate on what could happen. We then count down the hours until First Thoughts come out. 😉


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