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How a Hero Breaks a Dark Curse. Emma Frees Storybrooke One Step at a Time.


I always looked at the Dark Curse in Season 1 of Once Upon a Time like an onion.


Yes, Emma did break the curse with a single act at the end, but I thought she did little actions throughout the season to break parts or layers of the curse along the way.

This is my list of what Emma – The Hero, The Savior did to break the Dark Curse in Season 1.


1. Action – Emma received a key to a room at Granny’s Bed and Breakfast and stayed in Storybrooke. She is visiting Storybrooke. (Pilot)

Effect – Time began moving again


1a. Action – Emma takes Mary Margaret’s offer to stay in her spare room in the loft. She is staying in Storybrooke. (Snow Falls)


2. Action(s) – Emma accepts the position of Deputy in Storybrooke (The Price of Gold), and
Accepts and wears the Deputy badge (That Still Small Voice). She is now a part of Storybrooke.

Effect – The crickets returned and the a hole exposed underground caves and some shards from Snow’s coffin from FTL. This begins to expose the truth of FTL to those in Storybrooke.

vlcsnap-2015-08-09-20h29m51s1492a. Action – Won election to Sheriff after the death of Graham.

Jeff’s *Extra Additions* – Emma brings people together, thus giving them their happy ending, even during the curse;
Bringing Ava and Nicholas together with Michael Tillman (True North)
*Possibly* helping Sean and Ashley come together (Skin Deep)


3. Action – Emma grabbed Henry’s book, which made her; (A Land Without Magic)

Effect – Emma now believed that she was the “Savior” and part of Henry’s story

* It is interesting to note that many tried to get her to believe that she was the savior during Season 1, but failed *
– Henry tried many times to make her believe, but failed. Remember Henry letting Emma use Regina’s key that unlocked her apartment door?
– Jefferson tried to explain that the stories were true. (Hat Trick)
– August, a few times tried to tell her to take a leap of faith and believe, but she needed proof. August’s final bit of proof (his leg that was turning to wood)
wasn’t enough, because Emma’s denial was preventing her to see his leg turning to wood (“the truth”). (The Stranger)


4. Action – She kissed Henry on the forehead. The kiss of a Mother’s true love. (A Land Without Magic)

Effect – The Dark Curse was broken

So, what are your thoughts. Did I miss an action? Did I add too many? Do you agree or disagree? Leave your comments below.

How often have was seen Emma’s blanket in Once Upon a Time?

One of the amazing character storylines unfolding on ABC’s amazing drama, Once Upon a Time is that of Emma, the reluctant savior/hero. One element is a beautiful baby blanket that we find showing up like a thread throughout Season 1. It’s almost like a silent reminder trying to get Emma to believe in her Fairy Tale origin.
This blanket, was initially knitted by Granny at the War Council table as Prince Charming discusses how they can strike back at the Evil Queen’s threat of a Dark Curse that will destroy all their happiness.
We also see the blanket in the background of Emma’s Boston apartment when Henry comes to visit to ask her to come back with him to Storybrooke.
We see it again in Emma’s things as she moves in with Mary Margaret.
One of the most incredible moments is when she brings it out to see if Ava and Nicholas (“True North” episode) had something from their father to help Emma bring the family together. Later in that episode, we see Mary Margaret magically drawn to the blanket. Will holding it up to her face cause memories of her Fairy Tale past unlock? You’ll have to watch this video to find out.

No Copyright Infringement Intended. I do not own this footage, this fan video is for entertainment and information purposes only.

All rights go to CTV and ABC Studios, respectively.

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Regina’s Other Heart Box. Where else have we seen it?

We know all about the golden heart boxes that Cora and Regina have but Regina used another heart box used for special cases (Dark Curse, etc). We see it twice in the Fairy Tale World, but we spotted it in Storybrooke, too. Please check out our video revealing it. We invite you to subscribe to our youtube channel (http://youtube.com/dvrstorybrooke). Thanks

OUAT – Snow and Charming: True Love Hurts

The moment Snow White took a bite of Regina’s poisonous apple.

She went to sleep where ‘her dreams would be full of all her regrets’

In that moment James felt it in his heart that his beloved Snow, something horrible had happened.

Their love, for each other is so strong that charming felt it.

How do you think James is going to get his ‘charming’ self out of the jail to save Snow? It is his turn after all.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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OUAT – Snow and Henry: For Love and Family

Here are two views from two characters in the Charming family.

Snow White and Henry Mills did the exact same thing. It was for love the people they love.

Snow did it for James. Henry did it for Emma.

The end result.

We know what happens to Snow White. What are your thoughts on Henry?.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Want more Once Upon A Time?  Check out the Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast at http://onceuponatimepodcast.com