OUAT – Who are on the Storybrooke City Council?

So, in “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree,” we see the City Council sitting at the front of the meeting Regina is holding.

It looks two me that there are 5 people on the City Council;

Lady #1
Lady #2
Gentleman #3

I took a close look at the Veterinarian at the Animal Shelter and King George’s guard, and I don’t think its the same gentleman.

Gentleman #4

Than, on the end is Gentleman #5

I wonder if any of these people were in the group at Sidney’s initial announcement of him being Sheriff, or in Emma’s congratulation in Granny’s diner.

Could the City Council be Regina’s “War Council” in Storybrooke?

2 thoughts on “OUAT – Who are on the Storybrooke City Council?

  1. damiana879

    I think perhaps one or two of them would be from the circle where she put everyone’s hair where the curse first started. I think Regina would put them on City Council to get whatever she desired to happen. 🙂

  2. Manny

    Not sure about the city council……but!………The guy pictured in all three pics, with the cowboy hat on, in the city council audience, is the guy that Rumpel turned into a snail and stepped on back in FTL…. #ICYMI lol…


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