OUAT – Will The Wizard of OZ characters be seen in Storybrooke?

Another cool screencap of one of the pages from Henry’s book showing flying monkeys.

Will we be seeing Dorothy in Storybrooke? The Wicked Witch? Tin Man? Scarecrow? and the Cowardly Lion?

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2 thoughts on “OUAT – Will The Wizard of OZ characters be seen in Storybrooke?

  1. Manny

    The Princess was angry, and she knew, of course, who did
    it. She had all the winged Monkeys brought before her, and
    she said at first that their wings should be tied and they
    should be treated as they had treated Quelala and dropped
    in the river. But my grandfather pleaded hard, for he knew
    the Monkeys would drown in the river with their wings
    tied, and Quelala said a kind word for them also, so that
    “BLANK” finally spared them on conditions that the
    winged Monkeys should ever after do three times
    the bidding of the owner of the Golden Cap. This cap
    had been made for a wedding present to Quelala and
    it is said to have cost the Princess half her Kingdom, of
    course, my grandfather and all the other Monkeys at
    once agreed to the conditions and that is how it
    happened that we are three times the slaves of the
    owner of the Golden Cap, whoever he may be.
    ….”And what became of them?” asked Dorothy, who had
    been greatly interested in the story.
    ….”Quelala, being the first owner of the Golden Cap”,
    explained the Monkey, ” He was the first to lay his wishes upon
    us, as his bride could not bear the sight of us, he called us all
    to him in the forest after he had married her and ordered us
    always to keep where she could never set eyes on a
    winged Monkey, which we were glad to do for we were all…(end of page)


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