Selfless, Brave and True – Further Discussions – More proof “Boy” = August? Tamara = related to FGM? Taser Talk, More Cora? Ghost/All of Me, Bad ratings, Too little product, too late?

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We discuss further themes and topics from “Selfless, Brave and True”.

Tamara is the Grand Daughter of the Fairy GodMother

Did the FGM break her fairy vow to have Tamara?

Is Tamara acting vengeance against Rumpel for destroying Tamara’s God Mother?

Did Tamara have her wings removed for a bad action? Was she a fairy, too?

Cora and soul remnant because of the candle action.

Rumpel’s prophecy and August returning to be a boy.

Will Tamara steal her Grandmother’s wand and return August to a man as a recompense for her using him?

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From Manny-
If you watch it one more time it will come to you, now that you know the out come.Tamara went in to see the Dragon before August did. Hoping to find the real deal, and not another fraud.

So she goes in as always, claiming she has cancer to see who is fake and who is the real thing, with $10,000 in hand. Someone fake would be motivated by the sight of $10,000 in cash and tell her to take this (some bogus potion) at which time she would get up,..tell the witch doctor he was full of crap and that she didn’t have cancer and “Have a nice day”….

When she walked in to see the Dragon he already knew she did not have cancer, but probably allowed her to run her game and toss the $10,000 on the table for her cure. When he refused the money and told her that she did not have cancer and “To Leave” Tamara knew he was the *real thing*. She leaves, but forgets her picture of her grandmother.

But, now…. how does she get a sample of the Dragon’s magic curing potion from him?…he knows she’s a fraud. So she goes to the bar to think… In walks August. Hmmm! Knowing that the Dragon is for real and doesn’t rip people off, she can find out pretty quick if August’s affliction is for real as well. So she picks his brain and shows August the $10,000 and says “I figured the medicine-man wouldn’t take plastic.” (chuckle) She gives August the impression that she has been healed by the Dragon by saying:

Tamara: “You look like you could use a drink.”

August: “Yeah, well, I wasn’t planning on staying very long.”

Tamara: “Come on,..humor me. Celebrating alone is no fun.”

Suggesting to August that the Dragon has cured her of her cancer and she is celebrating. Tamara knows that the Dragon first asks for something personal and replaceable,….and then asks for payment from your wallet.

Tamara: “Here’s to second chances.” (They raise their beers)

August: “Who knew they’d be so expensive.”

As Tamara explains her story about being all over the world in search of a cure for her cancer, August doubles over in pain,…instantly relaying to Tamara, who is very intelligent, and very quick, that August has not yet been cured of his affliction but has already seen the Dragon. Quickly she asks:

Tamara:”He tell you he needed a personal item?”

August: (nods yes)

At this point Tamara is sure she has two genuine marks in August and the Dragon and is going to use August to get her sample of the magic cure. If August had the money he needed, he would have brought it and paid and would have been cured upon leaving the Dragon. Obviously he had the personal item, so that leaves the Money$. He doesn’t have it! “Bingo”….

What woman in her right mind leaves her purse anywhere!?…much less, with it filled with $10,000 in cash “Hanging” out of the purse and on top of a bar in a foreign country to go and make a phone call!????? It was a set up all the way. She was using August to get the sample cure. Once he got it, she simply waited for him to leave and took it from him.

The Dragon also saw this happen as he knew how much to ask for from August. $10,000. The exact amount that Tamara had in her purse, as she was first to see the Dragon before August went in.

From what August says, the Dragon is dead, because he went back TWO days later and found his body,…which in itself is kind of questionable, given the amount of traffic to see the Dragon,… two days and he’s still on the floor??? I don’t know about that one but, there it is.

My guess is that Tamara is the grand daughter of the Fairy Godmother that Rumple destroyed in front of Cinderella and is back to seek revenge, destroy Storybrooke, or to take over Storybrooke somehow.

Rumple referred to that Fairy Godmother, or at the wand that she used as “pure evil”…. Now is it possible he was correct? Seeing how evil Tamara is,…and is the grand daughter of that Godmother?… Perhaps Rumple was correct? Ha!.

Looks like a war over Storybrooke will be our season Finale….

What do you both think?

PS. How the heck are they getting Magic Beans soon, when it took the Giants 100 years to harvest???


Dan from Boston
Hey Oncers!!! Dan from Boston here!! LOVED last night’s episode!! Finally we’re getting a conclusion to August/Pinocchio’s story line!! Loved that he was reverted to “a real boy”, before the cures!! I have a feeling that his line will be a pre-cursor to the series line by bringing everyone back to their “Pre-curse” stage, i.e.. . . . eventually seeing Emma brought back to her “baby” stage, before “The Curse” was enacted, back to “redemption”, and Henry, being read this story to his mom, Emma, in the “Real” world, and everything happening “happily ever after”. This is just the Long Tail, maybe after Season Five, mind you. Can’t wait to see how all of the other characters play out!! Kind of going on how the “LOST” story line had played out.

Hope all is well with the Rones’s!!!!!

Peace from Boston MA!! Happy Spring!!! Dan H., Norwood, MA

Holly from Wisconsin
Wow, what an interesting episode. We may have more than one big bad in our midst for the season finale. My first reaction to seeing Tamara in Manhattan was right on just like Colleen . Did not like her, just had the feeling that she was up to something. When Neal said that Tamara went to get some her things in storage and Hook wasn’t there makes me agree with you Colleen, that she released him or maybe the possibility that maybe she tazered him and he’s sailing ships in the great big blue sea in the sky. Snow going into the forest and shooting arrows to Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” was cool, but I think that Snow really does care about her reputation, but right then maybe she didn’t want too.The scenes with the Dragon were interesting, wondering which story he came from? I don’t think it’s Mushu like you mentioned in your first thoughts, but I’m wracking my brain as to who the Dragon could be… unless they’re doing another gender switch and it’s Mad Madame Mim who had turned herself into a dragon in The Sword in the Stone…but I think that’s even a big long shot. I was rather surprised at the end of the episode when The Blue Fairy turned Pinocchio back to a real boy that he turned back into a little boy and not grown-up August. I think Tamara was breathing a sigh of relief when Emma asked Pinocchio if he remembered anything of what he was trying to tell her. But if I were Gepetto and the others, I’d be keeping a close eye on Pinocchio and Tamara. I guess our theory of the HER that Greg/Owen was calling was Tamara. I wonder if we’ll see any back story on how they met.I’m also wondering if Neal is going to bring Tamara to see Gold…that should be an interesting meeting if that were to happen. Something tells me Gold would tell right off the bat she’s up to no good and not good for his son. The meetings with Regina and Greg/Owen were good, I think it’s far from over with the two of them. I really think that Greg’s dad is alive and well, and I still think he’s in Storybrooke even though Regina says he left soon after Greg did. It’s going to be a long three week wait, but the retrospective about Magic that they are going to be airing during the hiatus looks like it could be good. Time to wrap it up here. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and those of my fellow Oncers. Big Love to everyone,

Holly from Wisconsin.

Katie from Florida
Hi Jeff and Colleen!

I was not happy that they turned August back into a little boy. I wanted him to come back for more episodes. It would have been nice for him to have a few more scenes with Emma, starting with one regarding him telling Neal to leave. However, maybe Rumpelstilskin has a way to speed up the aging process. I guess he does it get a second chance this way, which is nice. Other than that I liked the episode. I don’t like Tamara either Colleen. I want to find out what she is up to and why.

Have a Happy Easter!

From Florida

Genevieve M
Colleen – I’m with you. I HATE Tamara. Blech. And I can’t believe what they did with August. So upset! 🙁

Edith F
I hate Tamara and I know why. She is Evil Ursula from the Little Mermaid.


Regina seems to be making a lot of the same mistakes. What if rumple is controlling her and he has her heart.

I think rumple is cora’s baby daddy and that Henry was too dumb to notice that Regina didn’t belong to him. Come to think of it regina and rumple may have the same lips. The camera seems to always focus on Rumple’s lips. Will that be important later?

When is Emma going to learn how to trust her instincts. She is getting better, but it still seems like she is not comfortable with her abilities. She should have seen through aurora when her heart was taken by hook and she should have trusted her instincts when everyone thought Regina murdered Archie.

Hook is very good at saving things he must a have nice little nest egg at the storybrooke bank. I am surprised that a baddie like him could stand not to take someone’s heart for so long.

Phillip has the worst luck in the world. How many things has he been turned into?

Could rumple be trying to learn to bring someone back to life because he feels bad about killing Mila?

Does Neal/Bae know rumple killed his mom? When hook gets back he is going to tell that tale.

Hook wins the award for the best manly make up.

I love all of the different shades of red lipstick. Have you noticed that Regina and Cora both wear two different shades of red lipstick?

Cora was pretty creepy when she went to Regina’s house. Who sniffs other people’s clothes.

I love how Cora knocked over the computer speaker and referred to it as a talking box. I loved how Regina tried to explain it to her. Classic

Is Regina still bugging the charming household?

Did they just add an upstairs to the loft? I don’t remember anyone living up there.

During Dr.whale’s episode he took some make up lessons from Jefferson with all of that eyeliner.

Is Daniel really dead if dr.whale’s brother has his heart?

Gold has magic and is rich. Why does he choose to hang sheets up in his shop? He can just build a new room.

Did anyone else fall out of their seat when they heard the star wars theme cellphone ring tone. I remember saying no way! I was pretty excited.

After the party Regina called Emma em are they friends?

Since hook’s ship can travel to different worlds because of the wood then can August?

Where did Cora get the money to buy such a nice dress for the ball? Did she have a fairy godmother like Cinderella?

Was Cora’s fairy godmother a good one. I remember Rumple killing a fairy in the first season and saying no one would miss her. Was this Cora’s fairy?

My mother and I think that Tamara left the money on the bar on purpose. Who leaves their purse with a complete stranger With money hanging out?

Tamara is bad to the bone but I don’t get her being able to kill a dragon with a taser. Maybe since the US is torn about guns right now they chose to go with a taser.

From Ro.

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One thought on “Selfless, Brave and True – Further Discussions – More proof “Boy” = August? Tamara = related to FGM? Taser Talk, More Cora? Ghost/All of Me, Bad ratings, Too little product, too late?

  1. Manny

    Watched the episode again and found and solved the problem with the Dragon being dead for a few days on the floor.
    Tamara returned to see the Dragon “AFTER” she had the magic potion analyzed. That accounts for the days we thought he was dead. You see, she needed time to analyze the potion. So August says he back a few days later to beg the Dargon to fix him and he found the Dragon dead, which means that he had just missed Tamara killing the Dragon. They had both returned on the same day to see the Dragon, but Tamara was there first, just before August got there and found him dead.

    Also, have to go back on my original thought about Tamara. K&H confirm her as just an ordinary human with no alternate world counterpart. Then her story should be very interesting once we get to see it.


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