That jukebox area of Granny’s Diner :Geek Out Alert:

Let’s establish things first; Granny’s Bed and Breakfast


We visited this exterior location last summer


Inside, the entry way of Granny’s (According to ‘Selfless, Brave and True’) we see a doorway to Granny’s Diner.


I am going to assume that if someone went through the door, there would be a hallway going to Granny’s, passing by the restrooms, then into Granny’s Diner. Ending here –


Let’s call this the jukebox area.

There is another section next to it to the left of the where the jukebox is. We can barely see it in ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’. You can see the wall to it next to the lamp to the left of the jukebox.


Now, based on the small changes highlighted throughout the cursed section of time (as shown in ‘Welcome to Storybrooke’), that certain things change because of a need for them to change. Here is a huge example;

Remember the Graham throwing darts at the dartboard scene in The Heart is A Lonely Hunter?


Oops! What happened to the jukebox?

I’ll tell you. Remember, we talked about the wall next to the lamp? Well, here’s another view of the wall in the jukebox area.


Do you see what I see? Yup, I guess Sheriff Graham threw his weight around, started drinking and made Granny drag the jukebox around the wall and put up the dartboard and got rid of the charity candy machines.

Here are some promo pictures for The Heart is A Lonely Hunter that shows the area better.




Wow, some of the looks that Meghan is throwing out there might catch your computer on fire. Just sayin’

Extra geek points: Notice the different payphone on the wall between THIALH and WTS.

Update: Manny reminded me of a shot of a hallway into the laundry room that they allude is connected to Granny’s Diner in ‘The Price of Gold’, so here it is.


Update 4/13/13 Possible continuity error

In the Pilot, we see Emma walk in Granny’s B&B front door



Now, take a look at a clearer shot of the hallway from the front door/front desk area to what could have been “the receiving room” that we saw in “Selfless, Brave and True”


Here is what *might* be the same area that may have been shown in the Pilot from “Selfless, Brave and True”


There are some problems, if it is. No windows at the top of the room. Different cabinet, for sure, and it is more to the left, etc, etc. I will only budge on two points; 1. The old “The Pilot may not be picked up” excuse, or 2. The minor changes Storybrooke went through during the daily resets we saw in “Welcome to Storybrooke”, but the windows at the top of the room are a glaring issue (to me).

For fun, here is a screencap of Granny’s office


One thought on “That jukebox area of Granny’s Diner :Geek Out Alert:

  1. Manny

    I believe there is an actual shot of your hallway in the “Price Of Gold” when Emma spills her hot cocoa on herself and asks Ruby if there was washroom she could use, and they actually show a hallway connection to the back washroom that Emma uses and meets Ashley/Cinderella in.

    I also believe there’s an outside shot of almost the entire left side of Granny’s Diner, from the front to the side where we believe this hallway exists, and all the way to the back of Granny’s where the parking lot is and where they find Kathryn lying on the ground. I believe that was in “The Return”….it’s been a while.

    I’ve always believed that Mary Margret/Emma’s apartment was behind Granny’s somewhere, but it always seemed to me that Granny’s B&B was somewhere else, apart from the Diner, but who knows?….


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