Storybrooke’s Drinking Age: What is it? Is there one?


In episode ‘Skin Deep’  Mary, Ashley and Ruby and went out on a ‘Girls Night’

In Price of Gold, we first met Ashley (Cinderella ‘Ella’) In Granny’s as a pregnant maid. Emma asked how old she was Ashley was.Ashley is 19 years old  at the time.

We do not know what the drinking age is in Storybooke. But this is something to consider;

We are all aware, that Storybrooke is in a ‘time warp’ modern day things like cell phones are slowly showing up without warning. We do not know what year this is in, but lets assume that Storybrooke is set in the 1980’s.

In the 1980’s in many parts of the USA, the drinking age was 19 years of age. Why was it changed later on? this is because why:

Too many drunk driving accidents and deaths involving teens. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)  was responsible for the big push. the federal government got behind the law with funds for the highway in all of the states that agreed to increase their drinking age.

Do you think that this is promoting under age drinking? or does the reason above make sense?

What year do you think Storybrooke is in?

Do you think think Storybrooke should have a drinking Law?

We discussed this on a recent podcast episode. Listen here

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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One thought on “Storybrooke’s Drinking Age: What is it? Is there one?

  1. Manny

    Storybrooke was born in the last week of Sep. or the first week in Oct,1983!!
    This is NOT theory, assumption or wild guess!. The writers gave us this FACT in the pilot!.. Two clues right off the bat! I don’t know how many ways that they could have told us that #1, Emma was celebrating her 28th birthday, THAT DAY!… #2, Emma drove into Storybrooke, THAT DAY(ok, …night), with DEC ’11 (December, 2011) registration tags on her VW!…… That’s it!.. That’s all you need! The rest is simple addition and subtraction!, right?. If Emma was born on this day 28 years ago, then she was born on this day in 1983, right? 2011(tags) – 28(yrs) = 1983. We know Emma had Henry when she was 18 years of age in Phoenix, AZ. Right? 1983 + 18 = 2001. She had Henry, in jail, in Phoenix, in 2001, right? We know Henry is 10 years old, right? 2001+10 = 2011 and that’s where our story WAS…..UNTIL they introduced Valentines Day in this last episode….. so, obviously we’ve turned the corner on the new year in OUR time to Febuary, 2012….. But, in Storybrooke, logic would have it be Feb’ 1984… coinciding with the Stanger’s license plate reading KANSAS ’84 and him just now riding into town, (from somewhere else in Storybrooke cuz he’s a fairytale character). Now, How fast the writers are going to excel us through the coming years is anybodies guess,…ie; the gaining of technology ect.,ect. BUT!, When did this all start here in Storybrooke? We know it’s one or the other (last wk Sep. or first wk Oct.) but the year is FACT! 1983!….

    One more thing that you would have to consider that we keep forgetting, is that, we know that time and aging was frozen for 28 years before Emma’s arrival and the restarting of time. That has got to mean that ALL in Storybrooke have been reliving the same year over and over again. A full year! and then it reset again. A full year would allow Henry to get the education he’s attained to this point. Regina would just simply advance him in grade level on her own from year to year, where all others would simply repeat the same year again as it reset!. But, I think it’s creating confusion among some who aren’t grasping the idea totally!
    Remember, All in Storybrooke have only been here for one year!… BUT! for 28 years in our time…. “let it sink in”…….. For example, Ashley did not walk around at full term with Alexandra for 28 years in Storybrooke. She walked around Storybrooke at full term for a year!…….. then the year reset, and Ashley repeats everything she did for a year!….. and then it resets again!…. When in our time, she is doing this (repeating the same year again) 28 times!! which equates to 28 years OUR time but, only one year in Storybrooke!… then it resets! Let it come! It’ll come… Again,…. David did not lie in that hospital bed for 28 years Storybrooke time! He was only there for a year, Storybrooke time, but he repeated that same year 28 times!! equating to 28years OUR time!…….. Now, I’m not sure how long it was between when the EQ nabbed Belle and the Dark Curse was unleashed. Whatever time passed there was the only true time that Belle spent in the EQ’s prison, because, she has only spent a year here in Storybrooke in that cell… Storybrooke time!…. But, she has repeated that same year 28 times, equating to 28 years OUR time.
    Does this help at all …… or did I just make worse?? LOL!

    Now!,…. with that said. lol!….. I don’t think it really matters if Ashley is legal age or not!…… She’s just givin birth and with the econmic situation that she and Sean are in, I would assume that they will want to save as much money on formula as possible which means she is nursing the baby and will nurse as long as she can….. which means NO ALCOHOL! ANYWAYS!!!


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