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OUAT – Meghan Ory Is Made a Series Regular on Once Upon A Time

#RubyWatch is back and is here to stay. Recent reports have confirmed that Meghan Ory has now been upgraded to series regular when the new season of Once Upon A Time begins in the fall.

Meghan Ory Upped To Series Regular On ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’

EXCLUSIVE: We’ll be seeing a lot more of Ruby in the magic-themed second season of Once Upon A Time.

Read more here – http://www.deadline.com/2012/06/meghan-ory-upped-to-series-regular-on-abcs-once-upon-a-time/

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OUAT – Great Phone Interview with Meghan Ory

Recently Meghan Ory talked to The Gorgeous Geeks (@3gorgeousgeeks) about everything Once Upon A Time and Ruby. In this great phone interview, she talked about Ruby’s clothing choices to being the wolf and even talked about her book series, This is defintely a #RubyWatch interview  you have to hear.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3K43j9lttY?rel=0&w=420&h=315]

For all things geeky, check out The Gorgeous Geeks at http://www.thegorgeousgeeks.com/index.html

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Once Upon A Time Soundtrack Date Announced!


Once Upon A Time Soundtrack Date Announced!

We knew it was coming out, now we also know when! The beautiful OUAT soundtrack, composed by Mark Isham, is coming out on May 1st.

It features 25 different tracks (over one hour of music) and 5 different covers (featuring Emma, Snow White, Prince Charming, the Evil Queen, and Rumplestiltskin)

Here is the tracklist:

1. Once Upon A Time Orchestral Suite 4:13
2. Henry’s Proposal 1:17
3. The Queen’s Curse 2:46
4. Jiminy Cricket 3:11
5. Dealing With Rumplestiltskin3:26
6. Belle’s Story 2:37
7. Dwarves 2:45
8. The Huntsman 4:31
9. Things Are Changing In Storybrooke 1:47
10. Cinderella 1:44
11. Wedding Dance 1:21
12. Advising Ashley 2:26
13. If The Shoe Fits 1:35
14. Unhappy Endings 3:46
15. Emma And Henry 1:43
16. The Siren 5:07
17. The Man With The Wooden Box 1:11
18. Hope Will Return 1:48
19. Rumplestiltskin In Love 2:19
20. The Genie’s Wishes 1:58
21. The Road To True Love 2:50
22. The Family Compass 2:00
23. Burn The Witch 2:34
24. What The Queen Loves Most 2:30
25. The Clock Moves 1:12
Total Album Time: 62:37

The official price is $17.99. We’ll post link to buy it when they become available on May 1st!

More information on the soundtrack can be found here

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