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Sympathy for the De Vil Analysis

Main Show

Episode Number: 277

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Regal Con


Is Cruella dead? Remember what Zelena said in “Heart of Gold”?

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First Time Giving Feedback

From Becca

The Cruella episode was one of the darkest episodes I can remember in the history of Once. I felt like I was watching a creepy crime procedural drama, not a sunday night-fairy tale drama on the 7-8pm time slot on sunday evening!!!!!
1. Seeing Cruella as a little girl at the very beginning- she had a really creepy look about her. Her eyes looked darkened and she just seemed like a very disturbed little girl. But as soon as her mother appeared, it immediately led me to believe that she was disturbed because her mother exerted such dominant and strict regulations over her (and chased her with the dalmatians). What a twist when her mother was actually the sane one and little Cruella was the troubled one to begin with!

Are we to believe that Cruella was running away in the beginning scene after killing daddy #1? If so, that’s a VERRYYYY young age to begin killing other people. Shocking and more disturbing than any other content that I’ve even seen on OUAT. She makes Rumple, Regina-and heck, even Zelena- look like angels!

I just saw a 20/20 episode this week where a mother and daughter were pitted against each other in the murder cases of the mother’s two husbands- first the father of the daughter, and next the stepfather. It was presumed that they died from heart attacks, but upon exhuming their bodies, antifreeze was found in their kidneys. The mother was convicted, yet she still claims the daughter did it. It was an altogether disturbing episode of 20/20 and I guess that caused me to have extra heebie-jeebies with this weeks OUAT eposide, since the nature of their poisoning deaths were similar to the Once episode.

2. The author writing Cruella’s story to prevent her from ever killing another human- smart move on his part. And I love that the spilled ink accounts for her classic black+white ‘do. But I’m still curious about what all happened when that ink spilled. Earlier in the restaurant/bar/dance scenes, he (the author) mentioned that there’s no telling what would happen if the ink spilled. Are we to believe that all that will happen is that it will stain white hair? Because according to this episode, all that spilled ink will do is stain white hair. But they the author seemed to imply earlier in the episode that something more serious than stains would result from spilled ink.

3. To add to this episode’s shock factor, it was crazy that Cruella ended up being the “most evil” of all the three lady villains of this season since (until this episode) she had mainly been a source of comedic relief with silly jokes and funny one-liners.

4. Emma: the entire episode her eyes looked blood shot and you could really tell that she was emotionally upset with all that has happened between her and her parents. My favorite part of the show continues to be any scene with Emma+Regina. They have excellent chemistry as friends, enemies, and “co-moms” of Henry. I continue to be filled with warm fuzzy feelings whenever Emma tries to look out for Regina- like in this episode when she gives her a gun to protect herself as she prepares to help Robin Hood. Also, seeing them work together to find Henry- they’ve come so far in their relationship. It’s amazing how throughout their relationship, it has been henry who has bound them together and compelled them to work out their differences. This is ironic because the object of contention in season 1/season 2 was…HENRY. The thing that pittted them against each other has ultimately drawn them together in a relationship of mutual respect and dare I say… love? Maybe love is too strong of a word but it is obvious that they want the best for each other. which I think qualifies as love.

Thanks for considering my thoughts.
You guys are awesome!



From Chris Tipton

I have to say, I am extremely disappointed with this episode. I’ve been so pumped about this all season, and it was a major letdown for me. I did enjoy the twist that Cruella knew the author, but that’s pretty much where the good ends (except for Victoria Smurfits performance, she was as enchanting as ever) for starters, they didn’t even clearly illustrate what Cruellas happy ending was. I guess kill the author, which…why??!! She’s the one who screwed him over! This show pretty much threw out their own idea about evil being made, because cruella was apparently a little demon from the beginning. This episode made me feel absolutely nothing for her, so the episode title makes no sense. The author also confused me. I don’t understand what he meant by this place has no time? I wonder is this was like a parallel England. If so, does this open up the possibility for multiple parallel universes? Does every realm have a parallel place with no time? I really hope they explain this better. Their literally making the author a god figure. He can do anything he wants with that pen. This also bothers me….totally throws out free will and fate.

Emma…..I’m pretty disturbed by Emma right now. Every one is telling her she should forgive her parents and she just refuses, even after she so easily forgave Hook and Regina, as they even pointed out to her. And then, there’s the ending.i absolutely hate this. Emma killed cruella to protect Henry!!! She didn’t know that Cruella couldn’t hurt him, cruella was screaming that she would kill him!!! I find this very stupid to be the thing that begins to turn her dark. Just another reason why I don’t like this episode.

The charmings…..oh my, how I can’t stand the charmings rights now. I understand making mistakes, that makes us human, but to me, part of what makes a hero is repenting of those mistakes. Snowing is not doing this, they just keep trying to justify themselves to Emma. It’s one of the more frustrating elements I’ve seen in this show in a while. I really miss the snowing of season one.

Rumple and belle….I felt for rumple. He really does love belle, he just can’t see past his power. It was heartbreaking when belle made the comment about will, thankfully it was Regina talking. I wonder if belle gave her heart willingly. I didn’t enjoy seeing Regina like this again, I hope she’s not reverting

Overall such a poor episode. Most of the writing seemed jumbled and didn’t really make sense, the Emma arc has become terrible, Snow and charming just suck ,and Cruellas backstory left much to be desired, THEY DIDNT EVEN TELL US HOW SHE GOT TO THE E.F….the more I write the more I hate it. Victoria Smurfits acting is really the only saving grace….4/10 skinned authors


From Chris

– In my experience, you don’t “get used to” the taste of gin. You either like it or you don’t.



From Chris

Hi guys,

I’m bummed: They killed off a great character like Cruella and keep a dull, boring one like Zelena. I really wish they would have reversed roles and Cruella was the baddie for the rest of the season.

Jeff, did you see shades of Revenge of the Sith in the end? Emma throwing Cruella off the cliff reminded me of Palpatine throwing Mace Windu out of the window and Emma’s look at the end reminded me of Anakin looking out at the lava fields after Order 66 was completed. Colleen, you mentioned that Emma killed Cruella for the right reasons and I don’t disagree with that but I will point out that the fact that he had a noble reason (saving Padmé) didn’t prevent Anakin from falling to the Dark Side. Evil acts are evil acts no matter the intention.

This may have been my favorite episode title, not only because the title references my favorite Rolling Stones song, Sympathy for the Devil, but the way the plot unfolds is similar to the way the song unfolds. The song begins with a seemingly polite man introducing himself and it isn’t until the final verse that he admits that he is Lucifer and is unapologetically evil. Cruella spent the whole episode in the guise of a polite young lady and at the end, revealed that she was unapologetically evil as well. I’m going to miss Victoria Smurfit, she made a very horrible character a real treat to watch.

Keep up the great work. Your podcast keeps me entertained while working 3rd shift.



From Trace

Hi Colleen and Jeff,

I guess I am a dark person, because I would blast anyone off a cliff attempting to kill my child. If this is the thing that makes her dark, I’m not buying it though. Heros have killed-Charming and Snow killed many guards etc…while taking back the kingdom. I mean really, Snow intentionally got Regina to kill her own mother…and her heart just got a lil dark spot! Petulant child fits perfectly! I am annoyed that she can forgive everyone else, but won’t try harder with her parents. And if I was Snow, I would have called her out on it-they were friends after all before she was her mother. I wonder what Regina would have done if she had gotten their first-which by the way-ugh…Rumple! He planned the whole thing. I loved the conversation with Hook, Regina and Emma in the woods, Emma’s retort to Regina about holding a grudge on a 10 yr old for spilling a secret was so funny. Ok…way to go Regina with the Belle heart scheme! What a great job done by Emilie De Raven…when she said “Will kisses sooo much better that you”…I could almost hear Regina’s snarky tone…so great!! I have a theory that it will actually be Belle or Hook that makes the ultimate sacrifice in the end of this season-perhaps even becoming the dark one to save Rumple or Emma. Belle’s happy ending was always to be the Hero, and Hook’s is Emma so he would do anything to save her. What do you think? I know a lot of the fandom is theorizing that Emma may become the dark one, but I just don’t think she’ll go THAT dark, and it’s seems to obvious. But, turning Emma into the big bad for next season sure would be a great twist and would make “for a better story” per the author.

What an awesome back story. Not at all what I expected. So, her happy ending was to be able to kill again? Great twist and that’s just pure craziness, but it did fit her character. Very dark with the “mom death by dogs” and she cleaned up those pelts into a coat very quickly! Ok, sorry-but that was creepy in a such a good way-we can finally call her a Queen a darkness. I really loved the costumes, settings and music in this episode. All the nods and twists to the original story was so well done. How fun! Very Gatsby. The author is a genius for writing that note about Cruella. I think Emma taking out Cruella served 2 purposes for Rumple. One, it helps turn Emma dark, and 2-I think he is going to extract the ink from Cruella-it didn’t spill on her just to turn her into a cartoon character. If Emma does go darkish, I hope its true loves kiss from Snow to save her…wouldn’t that be great?? Ok…my heart is pitter pattering thinking about it. I also liked the idea of the realms being story based. Just think now where they can go with this?? I can’t wait for a bit more info on the author. How was he chosen? Does he just write himself a portal to a realm if he wants to go?

Things that make me go hmmm…Evil is made not born. That has been the premise of this whole show. Except when you are Cruella and born a psychopath! I have to say I love that she is just evil for no reason and is proud of it…”I’m just an awful person darling and I left her out here to die”. No remorse-own it Cruella! But, it did make me wonder why they chose that trope at this time. And how did she get to the Enchanted forest?

All in all-a GREAT episode! I’m ready for the Swan Queen road trip! Big Love to you both and all the Oncers! Talk to you next week! Trace


From Brad

Who needs 101 Dalmatians when two will get the job done. Now unto the Things I Learned in the episode, Symphony For The De Vil.

#1. If you’ve had blood on your
car enough times to be
annoyed by it, your license
should be revoked.

#2. Never give a woman who just
started drinking gin, magical

#3. More villains need to dance
to their own theme song.

#4. The man that ruins a
woman’s hair, has sealed his

#5. If your daughter continually
poisons your husbands,
here’s an idea, STOP

#6. Real friends ask permission
before removing your heart
and using it against your ex-

#7. The word is Gold is a lousy

#8. An upper hand is worthless
without a wrist.

#9. A Devil can dance like an

#10. Even with all the power
Cruella has over animals,
she was no match for a
couple of angry birds.

– Brad


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