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Lily, Narnia, and Important Message to all #Oncers at the End 4X05 Breaking Glass – Main Show – 250


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Main Show

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Episode Name: Breaking Glass

Episode Number: 250

Show notes can be found at:



Email points:

From Aleana

My theory is the Apprentice is the one who sent the Snow Queen into the real world because we know one reason the Snow Queen doing what she doing because she want a family


Hey yall! Love your show, first time writer. My thoughts on “Breaking Glass” I felt like Emmas back story just rehashed what we’ve seen so many times before… She trusted someone and got hurt. It did jive well with her and reginas plot in this episode. Those two are amazing together as always!! We got to see more of Will than we’ve seen so far. His line “somebody’s already had a nibble” is one of my all time favorite lines. Sidney betrayed Regina!! Didn’t see that coming! Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen is so epic. I really feel she is already taking her place as the best villain weve had yet. Shes so quietly evil. Shes chilling!! (yea i went there) That had to be the greatest delivery of im going to build a snowman of all time!! Its nice to know a bit of her endgame, although I dont understand the mirror thing yet.

Some negatives… No Rumple, it was very convenient and easy for Elsa to break out of her chains, and how did Emma just still have that camera? Snow and charmings story just seemed silly to me. Overall my least favorite episode this year but still strong simply because of Elizabeth Mitchell. 3.5/5 nibbles (arbitrary scale)


From Aleana

My theory is what if the Snow Queen Belle mother and Anna,Elsa mother were sisters and they had this strong bond but Belle mother and Anna Elsa mother both won the princes Belle father Elsa and Anna father and they started to make their on family and unintentionally left the Snow Queen behind and the Snow Queen developed a cold heart which result in her having ice magic and because of her cold heart she curse Elsa and Anna mother by having their first born with similar ice magic and she tried to do the same with Belle mother but accidentally kill her instead so the Snow Queen went to the Apprentice for help and he gave her prophecy about Emma being the savior and order for her plan to work she needed Rumple help and because Rumple can see the future he saw the Snow Queen will ruin his plan for the Savior to break the curse and he trick her into the urn but since Hans unleash her she went back to the Apprentice and he somehow got her into the real world before all the fairytale characters and Emma got their and she waited for Emma to cross her path but something happen and she lost Emma then she found out Emma was in Maine and since I’m assuming fairytale characters could enter Storybrook whether they were curse or not she waited for everything to happen so she launch her plans so we know she wants a family what if she wanted to create the bond she had with sisters with Emma and Elsa since their powerful like her they are stronger apart but could be more stronger together


From Maii

Honestly there’s 2 theories about Lily at the moment and I love them both..

First is:

In Through The Looking Glass, when Alice first meets the White Queen and the White King, they are looking for their daughter Lily.

It’s canon that Will and Anastasia are the White King and Queen….

And Emma’s friend Lily is an orphan…. (I don’t know how the timing works but it would be an interesting outcome and put Will and Ana more in the story)

The 2nd (a bit more likely) This is from my best friend and sister from another mister Lexi ( http://killians-tinkabelle.tumblr.com/post/101183381259/nerd-moment-lily-and-her-star-birthmark )

It could be a nod to Tiger Lily which would be very cute but since we are done with Neverland I don’t really know if Adam and Eddy would do that.

There are some myths that say a star shaped birthmark means that you have the gift of sight. As in seeing things before they happen. One thing Lily kept stressing that she was special and unique. That her and Emma were both special. In that short period of time they formed a sister like bond. They even promise to never turn their back on the other but it all goes down the drain when Emma learns she has a family. In the last scene with them together we find out the Lily is adopted and feels invisible. For all we know this may be a hint of what is to come or just a way for her to connect with Emma one last time. Could she be the darkness to Emma’s light? Is she someone with magic that got sent into the Land without Magic? Is it a nod to Susan Storm who could turn invisible? Or Lily Potter who’s love protected Harry? Who truly knows but Adam and Eddy why the star birthmark.

One thing that Adam, Eddy and the writers do well is picking character names. They have a way of tying it into the personality, a feature or even true piece of information for that character.

Lily is one of those names that has a lot of story behind it. For one, the name derives from the flower itself. In the Victorian flower language the general meaning for a lily is majesty, honor and Purity of Heart. The white lily which usually comes to mind mean virginity, chastity, purity, majesty,passion,innocence, transition,and youth. As you can see the list is fairly long.

The lily even has a place in mythology. The Greeks believed that the excess milk that dripped from Hera nursing Hercules dripped to earth and created the lily. The Romans myth is pretty much the same as the Greeks but for Roman myth the Lily is connected with goddess Venus as well. The lily even has a connection in Norse myth. It is even connected to modern Christianity to the Virgin Mary and the Holy Trinity. Some also believe that lilies were associated with death as well. They signify that in death, one regains their lost innocence and purity. Even in Tarot the lily has significance. Once again the lily is a symbol of purity, innocence and fertility.Additionally, the lily symbolizes vulnerability, and the freedom to be ourselves. It also symbolizes allowing others to be who they are too. The lily is a symbolic flower of health and provision. In a reading, the lily can be seen as growth, development, and a quality of innocence in our lives. Depending on the surrounding cards, the lily may also indicate new relationships and births.

Captain Swan!

First of all that first scene so adorable! I honestly laughed because they just wrote that scene so that the audience knows why he’s not gonna be with Emma during the episode. Because he’s become such a big part of her life that his absence has to be explained..

I wish we had seen the Captain Cobra sailing trip but I’m happy to know it happened at least. It’s such a huge step for Emma to trust Killian with Henry. It’s one thing to trust him with memoryless Henry when everyone else is going to be fighting it’s another to trust him with her Henry on a normal day..

(Btw does Henry go to school anymore?)

It’s such a wonderful scene. It’s so simple but it’s so meaningful at the same time: the way Emma smiles when Killian enters the sheriff station, his presence warming her heart and making her feel happier. For someone who has held back for so long, been unhappy and unloved for so many years, seeing Emma smiles just like that, and seeing their intimacy, how they flirt and seek each other gaze: they are a couple and they are okay with displaying affection in public, but most importantly to each other and to show how they feel. We came a long way since the beanstalk, and this time Emma is taking a chance, and not holding back anymore, their smiles are everything.

It’s so beautiful to see them all domestic, remember to tell Henry to put on a life vest, then the kiss on the cheek, beautiful…

but the greatest was the scene at the end.

This episode was all about how sad and lonely Emma felt, and it ends with Hook actively seeking her out, being interested in learning about her past, and comforting her when she’s down.

This scene is SO beautiful and SO important for Emma Swan. She’s never let anyone in like this before. She’s let them be part of their life, but never a part of her past. That’s a part of her she’s kept to herself forever. A part that makes her sad, vulnerable, alone. She’s kept it to herself because it feels safest to her that way. Letting her past out shows many things about Emma that no one TRULY knows. Not even her own parents. She keeps the box in the office rather than home for a reason.

Love, Maii


From Rose

Hi Jeff and Colleen! I just wanted to write and say I love listening to your podcasts every week. I started listening at the end of Season 2. Thanks for taking time to review and discuss my favorite show! :). I have the same theory as you Jeff that Henry will get Into a little trouble with the Sorcerer’s hat, much like Mickey did in Fantasia! I decided to do my pumpkin this year based on that theory. So I am attaching a photo of the Halloween pumpkin that I carved! It took me about 6 hours to carve this. I thought you guys might enjoy it too. Happy Halloween to you and Colleen and of course the Reindog Lady! 🙂 Keep those great podcast coming. I love you guys positive presence in a world with negativity! Big love to you guys!


From Brad

Greetings Jeff and Colleen, be careful on those ice steps, I hear they’re not very sturdy. Here are the things I learned this week on the episode,
Breaking Glass.

1). Toaster Tarts and water, are the
cornerstone of any nutritious

2). No Queen is complete without
her Sydney Travel-N-Go Mirror.

3). Ice walls hinder cell reception,
who knew?

4). Thor arriving in Storybrooke is
getting closer all the time.

5). The Boozy Bookworm should be
children’s learning book.

6). Sometimes no CGI is better than
bad CGI. I’m looking at you snow

7). Maps are only useful when you
can remember where you put

8). The Snow Queen may have at
one time dated Superman.

9). Skipping the Any Given Sundae
tip jar has severe ramifications.

10). There are no online classes for



I was impressed to see that the Snow Queen pulled off a double chokehold.


Did you notice that it was broad daylight when Emma went into Regina’s crypt but completely dark when she came out? She was only in there for 10 minutes at the most. This was a noticeable continuity error.


From what I remember on Wonderland, Will left Robin on bad terms when he stole Maleficent’s mirror so he and Anastasia could escape to Wonderland. This will be the first time Robin has seen him since that incident. Hopefully Will can redeem himself in the eyes of Robin and be an asset to the group like he once was.


You were correct about the velfie Jeff. According to the Urban Dictionary, a Velfie means a video selfie.


Emma hoped on a bus at night to leave Boston.
Henry hoped on a bus at night to go to Boston.


I found this in a Wikipedia article about the White Witch.
“Although the White Witch appears human (despite her irregular skin colour and abnormal height), Narnian rumour holds that she descends from Adam’s first wife, Lilith”.
Is this another hint that Sarah Fisher is the White Witch or is just a coincidence?



It would appear that Lily was just a throw away character that showed us how Emma is maturing and learning from her mistakes. The thing that doesn’t make since though is the star tattoo she has had “for as long as she can remember.” I have a feeling she may come back someday with a vendetta against Emma for breaking her promise to always be friends. If you look up Lilth in mythology you will find nothing good about her, she is most definitely evil. I don’t believe she will be this mythical person but they can surely take elements of her characteristics.


Emma said that she wanted to apologize to Lily but when she realized it, it was too late. I believe she got the tattoo of the flower on her left wrist in remembrance of Lily. She regretted the decision not to forgive her so got a tattoo as a constant reminder to forgive and not hold onto anger and bitterness.


I mentioned after the season finale, what if Zelena did not die but instead travelled back in time and is now masquerading as Marian. This to me would tie everything up neatly without having anyone get hurt. Just keep the theory alive.


When does Emma superpower ever work? Even a person with no power could tell Lily was lying.

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