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Where is Anna? Is the Shepherd Crook like the Dagger? Fathers, Putting Up Walls, 7 Samurai 4X02 White Out – First Thoughts – 243


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First Thoughts

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Episode Name: White Out

Episode Number: 243

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Tonight’s episode is written by Jane Espenson

Until we are together, no one leaves this town

Frozen Wall around Storybrooke. It’s like a frozen barrier spell. It’s like Zelena’s green dome over Regina’s castle. Can they go under Storybrooke to escape? Did Elsa run the wall around the water’s edge? Remember Ariel could get around the barrier spell, too? Could they get out via the mines?

David, from Rock of Ages.

Kristoff knew David.

Joan, a shout out to the painting Anna referred to in the animated feature.

Bo Peep.

Sheep mobile?

Babies dream of – Bull fighting and Lazer tag.

Emma likes peanut butter! Yes!

How to get over a breakup – Chocolate, DVDs, ice cream, red wine.

Warning crow (Raven) with a message. Note: Snow seemed to have a connection with birds, but not all animals like in the animated feature. There was a Raven in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in the Witches laboratory, but the Raven seems to be more like the Raven in Sleeping Beauty. The last time we’ve seen a bird carrying a message was a carrier pigeon (7:15AM).

Emma’s wearing a tan leather jacket and wearing a radio. Remember the radio she shared with Henry.

She doesn’t want to see me.

Ice wall shut down the power in Storybrooke.

Sheriff Charming is getting calls from all over. I wondered if Miss Ginger called, too.

New Operation name. Nightshade, Blackthorn.

“Putting up walls” figuratively and physically.

Grumpy, Happy and Granny.

Mayor Snow!

Hook answers my question, it goes all the way around. Thanks, Adam and Eddy.

Charming and Hook’s talk, Emma is “Not some conquest”, “I wouldn’t risk my life for someone I see as loot”. The ship trading, portal creating and coming back.

Elsa’s magic looks like Emma’s light magic.


Bo Peep (One shepherd meets another shepherd) took classes on extortion from Rumpelstiltskin. BP’s magic is similar to Rumpel’s Dark One magic. Is her Shepherd Crook or stick like the dagger? Work off your debts like slaves.

You’re branded now – You’re now one of my sheep. This stick is how I find my flock.

BP is the most powerful warlord (Oriental term ala Star Wars) in the region.

Anna now is pulled into David’s quest.

BP’s army? Sheep?

Anna “secret mission” another shout out to Star Wars,

Secret mission? What plans? What are you talking about? I’m not getting in there!

Anna is a warrior like Arya from Game of Thrones?

Hook’s working for Emma.

You go, Anna! A little Anakin and Obi Wan spinning.

Don’t give up.

Surviving isn’t living.

Elsa needed a push. Rumpel said Regina needed a push.

David finally talked about his Father. His parents fought a lot, about his drinking. Like Zelena’s father.

“I will beat this” “I have to be better for the boy. I have to be different”

2 week trip/bender, another mention of a 2 week trip.

Father’s struggles affect the children. FTL and Storybrooke.

Hit undo on that.

“Dad, can you hear me?”

Bring Anna to me before she freezes this

Storybrooke Power Company

Marco helping with the

Snow really is in a bad mood! Buy a flashlight!

The necklace reminds me of the Chalice in Last Crusade

Elsa can’t control her magic, like Emma.

Born or Cursed, Grand Pabbi asked that?

Parents don’t always help.

Shutting out, hurts people.

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