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Our Burning Questions from Sympathy For The De Vil

After watching the latest “Once Upon a Time” episode, here are our Burning Questions from Sympathy for the De Vil.


1. How did Madeline (Cruella De Vil’s Mother) get her magical power over animals? Was Rumpelstiltskin involved?


2. What is Madeline’s backstory?


3. Why did Madeline allow Cruella to poison 3 of her husbands? If she exhibited so much control over Cruella (Locking her up), why was it allowed (More than once, or not at all)? Did Madeline have something to gain by their deaths? Money, perhaps?


What other burning questions did you have after watching the episode?

Was this the darkest episode of “Once Upon a Time” you’ve ever seen?

Leave your comments below.


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