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3X13 Witch Hunt – First Thoughts – Star Wars, CSI and TeleGrumpy, Oh My!


Podcast episode 209

Shownotes can be found at onceuponatimepodcast.com/209

Witch Hunt

The victor enjoying the spoils

Zelena mentioned a family living on the worth of the gems. I wondered if they were retrieved by the seven dwarves for her?

Zelena mentioned that Regina just left them all behind, so Zelena is an opportunist. Maybe Regina will use an opportunity when Zelena is not expecting it to win her kingdom back.

Such pretty things. Wasted on her. Reminds me of a cutting joke women have said “That’s a pretty dress, too bad it’s on you”. Women can be mean.

We know what Regina thinks about sitting on her chair, but what about throwing her things on the floor. Heck, what would Eduardo Castro say?

It seems as if she hadn’t been in the castle very long and she is looking over everything for the first time. A flashback scene maybe?

Zelena brings green smoke with her.

Zelena like gray on her. I wonder what Season that is.

I wonder if Walsh is a bit like The Mirror/Genie/Sydney Glass and is in love with Zelena. Is that why he was chosen to be the right hand flying monkey?

Ruby!! She is not too trusting of Regina.

Robin’s son, Roland. So cute.

Tunnels to the castle. Under the spell. Like the old border

Lower the shield. Star Wars reference.

Regina can turn an impish flying monkey into a grey Teddy Bear or Teddy Monkey that look’s like he could be cast in a Toy Story movie.

Regina’s action begin to build a bridge of friendship in contrast to her comment to Snow about the “forest smelling” Robin Hood.

Robin saved Regina from the Flying Monkey, and Regina saved Robin Hood’s son from the next Flying Monkey. 2 misunderstood heroes. A sweet moment.

Emma, the police detective begins her questioning, except about “the obvious” condition *wink* of Snow.

Snow, “Then everything went black” or green, maybe?

Charming, “Waking up in our beds, like it was any other morning in Storybrooke”. It sounds a bit like the Storybrooke time “record skipping” in Season 1 and highlighted in Season 2’s episode “Welcome to Storybrooke”

“Almost Harvest time, but can’t remember the planting. It’s bad luck, mate” Kinda naughty, Hook.

Emma and Hook, the good cop/investigator (Emma) and the bad cop/investigator (Hook).

Hook fills in more of the gaps.

Snow stands up for Regina.

Emma’s demeanor reminds me of he during the disappearance and alleged death of Kathryn.

How Hook knew about the curse and how to find Emma. As he was sailing the realms (portal usage?), a bird landed on his ship’s wheel with a note (Exactly like it happened to Neal in “Broken”) and a vial of Memory potion tied to its leg. Jokes in Monty Python come to mind about Swallows, but how big was this bird? But Hook said he “gathered the parts” for the potion…

Message by bird is one of Snow’s method of communicating with Charming, but also August to Neal.

Down to Four. Bashful’s not answering. Maybe Sleepy is…

Team Seven need to be quicker texting Happy back.

Storybrooke folks are disappearing. That would give A&E an opportunity to have Meghan a part of the show for Season 3B, but not all the time.

Hook’s look when Neal was mentioned. “He’ll turn up, he always does” Dangit!!!

Neal may have left to find Rumpel’s estate. A Blood Magic cure for Zelena’s curse? A way to find/communicate with Rumpel? What about the enchanted Sand Dollar?

Some folks set up camp near the edge of town. Why a camp?

To get their memories back, Emma needs to find out who took them in the first place. The game is afoot. I guess there might be a bit of Sherlock Holmes in Storybrooke after all.

Belle read about Oz. “The Bookworm’s right” Regina is the new Sawyer from Lost.

East or West? Grumpy One you drop a house on, the other you throw a bucket of water on.

Regina never met Zelena, but she does know all about her.

Regina is pulling an Obi Wan (Lowering the Shield) to Charming’s Han Solo.


One woman job.

Lollipop guild is protecting her. Sweet!

The hero faces the trials alone

Ruby’s back – in my favorite outfit!


Henry not knowing anything is a fun twist. He thinks everyone jumped bail.

Phoenix. Cellmates. Banditry. OMG!

We all make mistakes. We need to find a way to move on.

Regina and Emma about Henry.

Regina’s legs make an appearance. Hashtag awesome


Regina begins to understand the pain of being under a curse. Torture.


The Merry Men in Storybrooke. Little John could help out the Walking Dead, but he stole it. That is a Walking Dead, move though. Was that Jase Robertson with them?



Wild Turkey. Was Little John drinking Wild Turkey before taking that shot?

If that was Walsh, he must be doing P90X, because you know – Little John.

Storybrooke CSI. Emma on the scene. Where was Ted Danson or Elizabeth Shue?

Crossing the town line. Flying Monkey.

Almost married a monster. Flying Monkey.

City Hall is similar to the town line group in “We are Both”. Like Daddy, like daughter. Calming the town down. When people aren’t calm the get really thirsty. There are two pitchers on the desks up front.


Regina did not cast this curse.

Dr. Whale still carries a grudge against Regina.

Emma vs. Regina – again.

Mob mentality, like in Season 2 (Twice; Dr. Whale and King George).

Zelena has blended in with the crowd, but she wasn’t with the initial Storybrooke crowd. She would have to answer lots of questions.

Robin is a hunter. The Flying Monkey wasn’t after Roland, but after Regina. Regina’s action to save Roland was even nobler.

Robin likes Regina, Robin like Regina.

Robin owes Regina a debt.

“Don’t get in my way”

Emma and Regina working together.

Replicating a memory spell.

“Thank you”

Her SuperPower works.

We – I.

Boobie Traps. Raiders of the Lost Kingdom.


Regina is flirting with Robin. Very nice.

An open door? Maybe the blood and the potion allowed Zelena to leave a trap for Regina. The crypt again.

Regina talking about the loss of Henry.

Snow reading about skin rash, while Henry plays games. Snow is acting like a Grandma. Stop that game playing! Read a book.

Zelena missed the last curse. Where is Emma’s SuperPower?

Some of us were supporting players.

Midwife. I’ve seen lots of new mothers. Working her way into Snow’s life. Will she take Snow’s baby? Like Phillip and Aurora’s?

Dragged in the forest. Little John. Walsh sprained something carrying Little John.

Robin never misses.

Sleeping Curse and Snow’s conversation reminds me of Grumpy’s conversation with Snow about her forgetting potion.

Regina, the Science Gal.

Wrong Con, Long Con. Lost.

Trapping the perp.

Telephone, Teletype, TeleGrumpy.

There goes Zelena.

So, Zombies and Flying Monkey have something in common. The bite and transformation.

OUATiW “Bloddy Hell”

Star Trek “I’m a Doctor, not a Vet”

Regina on a stakeout.

“A Hero would come back”

Bloodlock. Zelena’s using Regina’s blood.

Power on the throne.

Phantom Menace lowering the shields.

Zelena vs Regina

I had to take it in a little bit. Wow. Mean Witch.

Zelena knew Cora.

Empire Strikes Back “I’m your sister. Half sister, actually”.

Zelena was given up and sent her away.

Martyr complex.

Only man we both knew – Rumpel. He taught them both.

Zelena “Dear”

“Suffer” a Regina word.

“Fate worse them death” Rumple used the phrase about Pandora’s Box for Peter Pan.

Find something to live for. Someone to destroy. Not Snow.

“I’ve been there before”

Regina meeting Henry.

Stop for Ice Cream (at Sara’s perhaps?).

“Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming” Hook

Rumpel’s Back!

Rumpel “You should have never brought me back”

Zelena legs, or ankles at least.


You feed the madness and it feeds on you.


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