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Lost/Star Wars/Disney connections to Once Upon a Time TV Show S1E3 “Snow Falls”

Connections –

NL: Snow White acts as Robin Hood (a very tough Robin Hood, actually) by ambushing and stealing from Prince Charming’s carriage.
NL: Prince Charming utters his first, “Wherever you are, I will find you” to Snow White.
L: When SW hits PC with the rock, he receives a cut, then scar which is also shown in the real world by John Doe. This is very much like Jack in Lost when Locke/The Man in Black stabs him in the throat.
NL: Mary Margaret Blanchard’s blind date was distracted by Ruby, and I was too.

L: Henry’s school symbol on his sweater looks to include a lighthouse.
L: When Mary Margaret read the story to John Doe, he reached up and grabbed her hand. In a way, it was like the characters in Lost ‘woke’ out of the fog to believe the connection to the Island they had with the other survivors.
NL: Snow White lives in a hollowed out tree, the similar situation that her baby was placed in to be transported to the real world.
SW: Snow White is dressed very similar to Princess Leia on Endor.
SW: Snow White’s capture is almost exactly how the Ewok’s captured Han, Chewie and the rest in Return of the Jedi.

SW: PC “I have a feeling that the Queen is not as – Charming as I am,” is a variation of Darth Vader’s, “The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am, Commander”.
NL: Blue shades must be some kind of color representing people in the real world.
NL: Mayor found John Doe on the side of the road (the same place that Emma said she entered the real world?) years ago.
NL: On a Biblical note, Snow White’s hiding from the Queen reminds me of the prophet Elijah hiding from Jezebel.
Note: Awesome swoop in the sword fight between PC and the black knights.
NL: John Doe’s wristband read, “John Doe DOB UNKNOWN 67140404
NL: SW says, “We walk from here,” the same line was spoken by Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom.
NL: SW has bad fairy dust that turns humans or human-ish people into creatures humans can crush. Who is this bad fairy?
Note: Troll Bridge/Toll Bridge. Kinda funny.
NL: SW saving PC’s life on the Troll Bridge, and in the real world, MMB saves JD’s life (With a kiss) in almost the same spot (A portal point, maybe?)
L: John Doe’s name is said to be David Nolan. There are alot of Davids in Lost; Jack’s son in the flash sideways is David, so is Hurley’s father, there is a character named Dave (appearing to Hurley), Desmond’s middle name is Dave. There are also mentioned (but unseen) characters named David, as well. See here for a complete list: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/David
NL: Something also to note that Henry giving Emma his Mother’s shirt could be referring to ancient warriors wearing something from the conquered leader.
L: Mayor, “It’s entirely possible to get lost here”.
L: Katherine Nolan – Kate
NL: MMB has the ring that PC was going to give to Annette to get married. Another direct connection between the two worlds. Maybe that will cause him to remember?

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