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Fall Further Review



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Episode Name: Fall

Episode Number: 258

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Hear the rest of Timothy Webber’s message


Email points:

From Aleana

A wishing star can only be used by those with a pure heart, this reminds me of Pinochio “When you wish upon a star….” 🙂


From Chris Tipton

I have to disagree with yall. I was completely blown away by this episode. It was my favorite this season and probably top 10 overall. My top 5 moments (how i will do fb from now on)
5.) Bell is finally useful again!! Also a wild blue Fairy appeared!!
4.) Hook and Rumple
Rumple is the most evil he has ever been. Any redemption he had is completely gone. What he is doing to Hook is deplorable. Bell seriously needs to find him out now!! I wonder if Blue is really gone now. I thought she would get away, and she may have since we didn’t see her get completely sucked up.
3.) Preparations for the spell
Reginas talking like a hero now! It was hilarious when Snow said Elsas blind faith was screwing them. Charming and Krannas reunion was cute.
2.) The cliffhanger. Really well done. Snows evil eyes then… Black!
1.) Krannas story
So much about this i loved. One of my favorite storylines in a long time. Mainly because of Anna. Elizabeth Lail has it nailed. I cant even watch frozen anymore without seeing her as anna. She had so many awesome lines.. Mainly “holy cats thats cold” cool to see blackbeard again. I assume Ariel saved him? Also, finterference! I loved the reveal that this whole plot was basically parallel to storybrooke. I had thought it was in the past the whole time. Kranna in the trunk was a glorious scene. I almost cried when Anna started reciting her vows then laughed when Kristoff was like wow what are you doing. SO MANY EMOTIONS!! Elsa and krannas reunion was beautiful. A cold miracle! The music in this scene, and episode was so amazing!! I could go on about this one forever, but ill save you time

Fall First Thoughts Review

Fall First Thoughts Review


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Fall First Thoughts Review

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Intro: Thank you to Timothy Webber (“The Apprentice”) for the awesome Podcast intro!


We give our Once Upon a Time episode, Fall First Thoughts Review.

Episode Number: 257

Show notes can be found at:



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