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Where is Pinocchio? Is He a Wooden Puppet in Gold’s Pawn Shop?

Where is Pinocchio!?

When we first saw him he was underneath the war council’s table in the pilot episode, right beside Gepetto. We saw him with his wooden toy Whale.

We saw him again, helping Gepetto make the doors for the magic wardrobe in his shop.

When the curse took over the entire Fairytale kingdom, what happened to him?.

We learned from Marco (Gepetto) while he was fixing the cupboard doors in the sheriff’s office that morning Sheriff Graham let Emma out of jail. He mentioned how he had no children.

When everyone got sent to Storybrooke as part of the curse enacted by the queen, did Pinocchio stay a real boy and we haven’t seen him yet? or was he turned back into a puppet and he’s somewhere in Mr.Gold’s Pawn shop waiting to be found.

Where do you think Pinocchio is?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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