Where is Pinocchio? Is He a Wooden Puppet in Gold’s Pawn Shop?

Where is Pinocchio!?

When we first saw him he was underneath the war council’s table in the pilot episode, right beside Gepetto. We saw him with his wooden toy Whale.

We saw him again, helping Gepetto make the doors for the magic wardrobe in his shop.

When the curse took over the entire Fairytale kingdom, what happened to him?.

We learned from Marco (Gepetto) while he was fixing the cupboard doors in the sheriff’s office that morning Sheriff Graham let Emma out of jail. He mentioned how he had no children.

When everyone got sent to Storybrooke as part of the curse enacted by the queen, did Pinocchio stay a real boy and we haven’t seen him yet? or was he turned back into a puppet and he’s somewhere in Mr.Gold’s Pawn shop waiting to be found.

Where do you think Pinocchio is?

Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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One thought on “Where is Pinocchio? Is He a Wooden Puppet in Gold’s Pawn Shop?

  1. Kat Slay

    Hi Jeff, Colleen, Deputies and Oncers,

    I was thinking about the show ( which I do often ), and I wondered this about Pinocchio:

    Is it possible that somehow ( either by the Blue Fairy or some other magical being ) that Pinocchio was changed *back* into a wooden boy and stowed away in the tree with Emma? We were told the tree would “only hold one,” but if Pinocchio had reverted back to his wooden state, perhaps the Tree would not recognize him as being there and therefore would proceed with getting Emma to safety. We also never really got a good look at the inside of the tree, and it would make sense that Prince Charming would have a “Plan B,” in the event Snow White delivered Emma early. Plan B, of course, being that Pinocchio would take Emma and escape.

    I believe we were told that Emma was discovered on the side of the freeway by a 7 year old boy. We were never actually told ( as far as I can remember ) how old Pinocchio was in the OUAT Pilot, so theoretically, he could be this age.

    Also, isn’t it quite odd that a child discovered baby Emma? We know nothing about the 7 year old boy who “found” Emma, so for all we know, Pinocchio was swept away by social workers and tossed into the “system.” Perhaps he was thought to be a runaway or an orphan.

    This would also lend weight to the “August is Pinocchio” theory. Pinocchio was small enough not to be suspected by Regina, yet old enough to be at the age of reason, old enough to be able to retain specific memories and old enough to understand, comprehend and execute instructions. Perhaps “August-occhio” ( if this is his identity ) has been keeping watch ( as much as possible ) over Emma his entire life without her being aware of it.

    By the same token, August has probably been keeping tabs on Henry and Storybrooke. It makes sense that August could not come to Storybrooke before Emma came to town; she possibly opened some sort of portal or weakened the boundaries of Storybrooke. Perhaps, Storybrooke is hidden ( much like Hogwarts in Harry Potter, The Secret Garden or The Village ) by means of Regina’s magic. Maybe August had been searching for it for some time and finally was able to find his way there. That could explain why no strangers come to town; they don’t know it’s there because they can’t see it. It’s possible Storybrooke isn’t on the radar at all. That, or Storybrooke and the Fairy Tale world operate much like the Matrix, but that’s a theory I won’t even go into right now, otherwise I would type all night. lol. 😉

    Perhaps the Blue Fairy used some precious Fairy Dust to cast a special spell: Pinocchio turns to wood long enough to help Emma get to safety, then returns to real boy form so as to remain hidden in our world as a sort of guide while everyone else ( including Gepetto himself ) is trapped in Regina’s curse. Also, if August is Pinocchio, he would not be instantly recognizable to Regina upon his return. Perhaps this was part of the plan, however, I am sure that even if “August-occhio” ( if that is who He turns out to be ) has fooled Regina, he has not fooled Mr. Gold.

    I’ve missed some discussions this week, so this could have been gone over already. And again, I could be wrong…but for some reason, wondering who the blazes August is has been on my mind all week.

    And am I the only one who thinks Rumpelstiltskin wrote Henry’s Book?

    Looking forward to the Podcast tomorrow night and to Once Day!

    Kat Slay


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