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OUAT – Princesses invade Fashion Mag Covers (Even Snow White)

Disney’s royalty goes cover girl for Petite Tiaras’ mashup of the Mickey Mouse house’s princesses and popular fashion magazines. Animated beauties like Belle, Snow White, and Mulan grace the covers of Elle, Glamour, and other popular titles. The headlines have also been adjusted to suit each princess’ style. “It Fits! How to Find Your Perfect Heel Size Today,”… read the rest of the article (and see the awesome covers here: http://flavorwire.com/237341/disney-princesses-as-fashion-magazine-cover-models

OUAT S1E5 – Aladdin’s Lamp seen in Mr. Gold’s Pawn shop

Next to the young couple that Jiminy mistaken gave the magical potion (created by Rumpelstilskin) to turn them into dolls/puppets was Aladdin’s lamp.

Will the Aladdin story appear in the Once Upon a Time storyline? What deal did Aladdin make with Rumpelstiltskin?