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Once Upon a Time Blanket – Intro to Knitting Pt. 1


The Once Upon a Time Fan Podcast listeners have shown an interest in learning to knit.

* If you haven’t heard Caitlin Ffrench’s interview for the podcast, the link is: Here*

Let’s start with the  Once Upon a Blanket,
also known as Princess Emma’s Baby Blanket from ABC’s Once Upon a Time.
This beautiful pattern created by Caitlin Ffrench is a wonderful design full of some basic and new techniques.
To be able to create this blanket you will need to know how to do the following:
Well my pets, I am here to teach you how.
We will take this in stages.
Step one: Materials Needed
Step two: Cast On
Step three: Garter Stitch
Step four: Bind Off
Step five: fan and feather edge.
Of course once you know the basics you can do anything.
All knitting in comprised of knits and purls, yes really that is it!
I know it sounds too easy and you know what- it is!
Come back soon when we will discuss the materials needed and where to find them.