The Bear and The Bow Analysis – Main Show – 302


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The Bear and The Bow Analysis

Main Show

Episode Number: 302

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100th – Souls of the Departed
Lots of former characters are set to return.


Belle is the real hero of the episode

Email points:

From Janell,

OMG! Where to begin? I know, with the comment that I said at the end of the episode…”Colleen was right!!!”

Ok, that being said, I was everywhere with this episode! I can totally agree with Zelena about the onion rings!!!!!! And she earned a bit of respect tonight too. She may be a bit psycho, but I totally got what she was saying and taking Henry’s side (for the moment), not her’s, not Emma’s and not Regina’s, but Henry’s.

Emma. I have never wanted to strangle Emma Swan as much as I have this season!!!! UGH!!! I was happy to see the exchange between she and Merlin at Granny’s.

Belle just keeps showing me week by week why she (only surpassed by Princess Leia) is my favorite Disney Princess. She’s getting pretty good at that magic stuff huh? And sometimes I think maybe she should be the one acting as the town shrink. Sorry Archie. Maybe she should become a motivational speaker…..

One of the best things Merida could have ever done (although when she did it I yelled and threw stuff at the tv) was hit Belle with the rock. No, wait, that was second best. First was actually listening to Belle and showing those know-it-all men in kilts what a girl is made of….bows and arrows! (Sorry, but “Gunpowder and Lead” just didn’t sound right….)

Rumple. No words. Ok, a few….IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!! And I flipped out when he pulled the sword. I swear, my neighbors won’t know what to think of me this week after all the yelling I did at my tv between the Bengals game and Once Upon a Time!!! I got watery eyed when he broke the cup, but I see that it eventually lead him to the road of redemption….which happens to be Belle, again. I loved how he told Emma he was gonna stop her! He may still have a bit of The Dark One left in him, huh?

Merlin. I love him. He’s not my Captain Hook, but he’ll do as a back up! LOL! But seriously, he is a wise man and knows what he’s doing. He is the greatest magician/wizard of all time, and yes, could beat Dumbledore is his tree induced exile! But man, does that love thing get in everybody’s way! And when he spoke via the message, that’s when I blurted out “Colleen was right!” Colleen, you should be a Disney Princess, or confidant and co-conspiritor with Belle!!!

Everyone else in Storybrooke. Glad to know you all are finally getting on the same page as the picture of Arthur being, well, Arthur! Now if you all can kindly get to finding Lancelot and Merlin and reducing my wish to strangle Emma Swan, that would be great!

Storybrooke time is going a bit show for me. I’m too impatient for my Hook episode!!!!!

Now for non episode stuff. I have a friend from school who is a Oncer, but hasn’t started season 5 yet and he’s killing me!!! It’s so hard not to blurt stuff out to him! I’ve also been his info on the podcast, conventions, and the merchandise, I thought he was going to hyperventilate when he saw my copy of Red’s Tale. But true to stylish Event Planner form (we stick together!) he won the costume contest he entered for halloween….he was CruFELLA de Ville! I’ll see if I can find a pic and share.

Now I’m off to listen to first thoughts and see if I come up with more things to rack my brain on!

Hugs from Ohio,


From Tomas,

Hi guys!

My name is Tomas, I’m 21 years old and I live in Belgium.
I’m a huge fan of Once Upon A Time and was just listening to your 300th podcast.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your weekly podcasts, I first got to know it at the beginning
of season 5, I’ve been listening to your podcasts ever since 🙂

You are doing such a great job with these podcasts, I’m really enjoying them.
Thank you for all the hard work you put into this show, it’s much appreciated.

Best wishes



From Chris Tipton

Hey yall…. This was an ok episode. I didn’t care for the Merida storyline to be honest. Im kind of bored with her character and really dont want to see much of her again. It was nice to see Belle be more relevant again and i loved how much this episode did for the Rumbelle Relationship. I feel they have hope again. I thought it would fall flat but i actually loved seeing Rumple be a true hero. I think Emma is 100% evil dark one in storybrooke. I think in the voicemail Merlin was referring to Emma and i think she is full dark one coming for Merlin and he is powerless to stop her because she chose to remain the dark one. I think Emma has Merlin imprisoned in Camelot and she wants Zelina to use the wand to take her back to Camelot so she can kill Merlin. Overall i loved the Rumbelle stuff and Merlin stuff but was bored by Merida…8/10 kilted oafs


From Gabe

Hey y’all, thanks for reading my last e-mail. First of all I want to repeat what I tweeted you today: Merida learning the value of mercy comes from her being shown mercy by Emma. Also the gang and Merlin rescued her which is pretty merciful. Also, did either of you get a serious Darth Vader A New Hope vibe from Merlin in the opening scene? Also, a few plot holes: Why didn’t Merlin just put everyone to sleep? Seems like it would’ve been easier. Anyways, about this episode: I totally loved it, it lends some credence to the idea that it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission, but it’s ultimately better to ask permission. I love the chemistry between Belle and Merida this episode. Those 2 actors could play a couple in a romantic movie. I really hope Merlin isn’t dead. I’m surprised you didn’t bring up the fact that Hook said that the apprentice is dead which to me is just lame. I love that character and hope he’s not actually dead. Also, do the rules of death differ for magical people? The Dark One was resurrected as was Maleficent, am I missing something here on the “dead is dead” rule in OUAT? Anyways, keep up the good work.



From Trace

Hi Colleen and Jeff!

Ok, first, I am a terrible fan…So sorry I forgot to say congratulations on your 300th episode!! SO, Happy 302 today!! I’ve been listening you your podcast for over 2 yrs. I look forward to hearing you on Mondays and Sundays, it’s become such a habit and comfort to me. This podcast has the best and most positive outlook and fans, even if we all get “grumpy” once in a while. Every episode is not going to be the bomb digity to everyone, but it’s fun to hear everyone every week, so thank you so much for all you do. There seems to be a lot of negativity about this episode in the fandom…but for us Rumbellers-it was great! I do have to say that I loved so much of it, but then sorda shook my head a lot as well. Colleen, you had wondered about where Merida learned the mercy she showed to the clans and stated they were lucky she had learned it. It was from Emma in the first episode. After they made up from the heart grab, Merida thanked her for teaching her about Mercy. Here are my thoughts on the Bear and the Bow.

Hook, Charming and Merlin are the hottest fighting trio ever. I would be rescued by them any day. Not sure why Merlin didn’t come in first and just magic them away…but getting to see Hook and Charming be so brooding and hot was worth the pause. Glad Merlin recognized Belle’s cleverness as she so cutely pointed out, I loved that, guess there is “something there that wasn’t there before.” Ok, couldn’t resist. What magic that was that on the bars that even Merlin didn’t know or couldn’t use. Question: Where is all this magic coming from? The necklace they gave Regina, the enchanted sword to kill her, and now the bars? Just curious. Merida and Belle are a great femme fetal duo! They worked so well together and watching the parallel stories in Camelot and Storybrooke was interesting. Belle has a way of bringing out the best in everyone she encounters, so it was nice to see the consistency in her character, and really just get to see her have a productive role. I love Belle, so this was very satisfying for me. My Rumbelle heart strings were being pulled all episode. I relate to these characters so much, and have been waiting for an episode that focuses on their relationship-it was sooo great. Belle and Rump on a mission working together and trusting each other…finally!! Though I really feel like Belle was the true hero is this scenario. They really needed to show some growth in their relationship for us to want them to be together and invest in them. When he broke chip I teared up I must say-but I think it’s symbolism for them starting over. He needed to break the old ways and habits and start anew with his journey to be a good man to her, and a hero. I was cringing a bit at this helpless cowardly Rump, but he came thru at the end when he told Emma that there may be heroes in town but “they’re not me.” Drop the mike Rumple-well done sir!! The casting of the Brave characters was so spot on, it made me laugh out loud. And how sad that her father died that way, so fairytale like to have a Dad die like that, but she did avenge him and all her people so it was a good resolution. Her explanation of what happened to her dad was so well done. I know we have to get more story from her since she is in now in Storybrooke, and the last we left her, she was with her people and kingdom. Can’t wait for that, she is a good strong female character, as is Belle finally. Arthur is a jackhole, and thanks for the new word Colleen-I have used it a few times this week. And, a dumb jackhole to boot for leaving the half torched mushroom sitting there, thank god they all know now that he’s a douche. Maybe now they can finally start putting some pieces together. Glad Henry’s authorship role still means something and was so impressed with him saying that it was not his mom that did that to Violet and that she is in there somewhere, I agree Henry!

Things that made me go hmmm…What happened to all boys after Merida knocked Belle out and took her away? No one came to try and save her at all?? Perhaps Merlin knew this was how it was supposed to happen so he let them go, but not very heroic boys. How did Lancelot know Merlin if he’s been in a tree for a millennia…he must have met him thru Nimue? Did he appear to him at some time? Really Scooby gang-you fell for Arthur’s I need to be alone schpeel? Regina is too smart, and should have used, wait….her magic to watch him from inside the vault maybe? All your magical items etc are in that vault besides girlfriend-don’t leave him in there! Again, so glad they have him pegged finally. Where is Merlin and Lancelot in Storybrooke? Next week is going to be so good! Big Love to you both and everyone out there! Have a great week, talk to ya soon, Trace


From Brad,

Hello Jeff and Colleen, please don’t open the car door while the podcast is moving! Now onto the things I learned this week in the episode, The Bear and the Bow

#1. Chip was written off the
show due to artistic
differences. You’ll soon be
able to see him in the
upcoming remake, Alvin and
the Chipped Cups.

#2. Shopping for a gift to
impress Lancelot must be

#3. If Merdia tells you she has
your back, run!

#4. If you want to see a woman
transform into a fearsome
bear, withhold her
pregnancy cravings.

#5. If you need to know all the
juicy gossip in Storybrooke,
seek out the little bird with
the mop.

#6. You know that you have
issues when the wicked
witch thinks YOUR a bad

#7. Never upset a red head.

#8. Sometimes you just gotta
kick some arse and ask
questions later.

#9. Rugs should have warning

#10. Who needs magic when
you can take a massive
bear claw to the face
without even a scratch.


This week we all watched Prince Charming, Belle, Captain Hook and Merlin storm a castle and have accepted it as normal. When you actually say it out loud, you realize how freaking awesome that is! Where was this show when I was growing up?This opening scene made me want to see a heroes and villains face off, old school comic book style.

The group not caring about what happens to Gold while he was the Dark One is understandable but not after everyone saw the Darkness leave him. This is totally out of character for them, especially the Charmings who are all about second chances. I realize they want to save Emma but not at the expense of someone else. They already did that with Lily and spent their whole lives trying to make up for it. Having Belle go on her own was wrong and if something happened to her it would have been on their heads. Gold and Belle could have really used their help while being hunted and chased by a manipulated Merida. I felt as if the show sacrificed being true the characters only to move the plot along. This was bad writing and makes no sense after everything that preceded this scene.


When will we see Merida and Robin team up and take out some villains?

Who enchanted the prison bars in Camelot if Merlin was trapped in a tree? Up to this point all magic has been through Emma, Regina or magic properties that were found in Merlins tower.

We know from the Apprentice that the Darkness needed to be tethered to a person so the dagger could control it. Our theory is that Nimue is the very first Dark One but where does the Darkness itself originate from? The Underworld perhaps?

Take care guys



From Kathy

Hi Jeff and Colleen,

I thought the episode started off with a great scene. And so much eye candy! Four very handsome men all at once was certainly a treat. Plus Belle who I adore. As a huge reader myself, I enjoyed Merlin’s line to Belle “Well, aren’t you the clever one!”

I generally enjoyed the episode and that it answered some questions for us such as did Emma remember Merlin. I thought teaming up Belle and Merida (Beauty and Brave) was brilliant. They played well off each other and combined their strengths to free Merida’s brothers. Plus Belle finally got another adventure.

I confess I have not seen Brave, so many elements including the Bear slip right past me.

Episode 7 promises to be really good and I want to hear the story of Nimue but I worry something will go terribly wrong in.

I do want to mention as well that Killian Jones has been looking even more handsome in the latest episodes. How is that even possible? Colin O’Donoghue is not only incredibly talented but unbelievably good looking. Sigh.

After hearing about the characters coming back for the 10th episode, I wonder if it revolves around Hades? So far it seems that we have dead (or are they?) characters coming back. I was especially happy the hear Robbie Kay would be back as Pan has been my favorite villain.

That’s the end of my ramblings. I know I forgot some stuff, but oh well.

Til next time.

Kathy Theado


Voicemail points:

Thanks Steff!


Big Love. Take what you need and pass it on.

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