The Price Review – First Thoughts – 293

The Price Review – First Thoughts - OUAT Fan Podcast - 293

The Price Review – First Thoughts – OUAT Fan Podcast – 293

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The Price Review – First Thoughts – 293


The Price Review

Episode Number: 293

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Reini Side won best Cosplay in the Once Upon a Fan’s Awards. Congrats Reini!


Sneezy is still a part of Team 7 – on type of the van

It’s great that even though Sneezy was turned to stone by Emma, they still take him on their adventures in the Team 7 van. All the while, still trying to find a way to reverse the curse and return him to “Substitute Sheriff” when there isn’t one around.

Grumpy voices concern of “one of them” now becoming the newest Dark One.

Grumpy has a valid point, Emma was one of the Storybrookians who knew all the secrets, helped destroy and drive off the monsters (including the Trio of Terror), she knows way too much about them and now can use that information against them. With all that information and power, even Grumpy doesn’t trust Regina to protect the town.

Grumpy’s hesitation in Regina’s power and leadership began to eat away at her belief in herself.

If you wondered what would happen when someone crossed the line after this newest curse, Grumpy picks a Guinea Pig to try it out.

I really loved the “Not it” scene with Team 7. Dopey isn’t Dopey at all. He had his ‘Not it!’ note ready. It turns out that when Dopey crossed the town line, he turned into the tree.

As we learn later, Merlin somehow is magically “trapped” in a tree also. Is this a random coincidence, or is the same person that caused Dopey to become a tree was the same person that caused Merlin to become a tree as well?

Love is Stronger than Fear

When Charming was finally honest and admitted that Emma was the Dark One, Arthur was quick to answer that the only thing to do about the Dark One is to destroy it. Charming and Snow continued the revelation by telling Arthur that the Dark One was their daughter.

Arthur feared what he knew was dangerous to he and his kingdom, but Snow and Charming love Emma so much that they set aside her being the Dark One and do their best to keep harm from her as they try to find a way to set her free from the Darkness that will surely take her over if they wait too long.

To someone like Cora (a woman driven by passion, high emotion and quick action), love is weakness, but as we have seen before the love of a Mother (or a Parent or Parents) could be strong enough to free Emma. We will see if Snow and Charming are right or if Arthur is right. My bet is on Snow and Charming and their love for Emma.


Big Love. Take what you need and pass it on.

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