Tiny – Further Discussions and the Changes to the Podcast are (somewhat) Discussed

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We discuss further topics from “Tiny,” then I address (in an abbreviated way) why the changes were made to the podcast. Also giving a shoutout to @davejackson, too.

Evil people, it seems can’t be evil on their own.

Giants are a cult? The Dharma initiative?

The Tiniest Mermaid

Greg Mendell is much improved, but is a Prince

James and Jack, the Un-Charmings

If you swim with the sharks, you will get bit and worse.

Eye in the window is a nod to a Disney movie?

Hook gave up Tiny to keep David, Snow and Grumpy from finding something else?

Terminal C sign colors looks like a acid reflux medication box

What are Anton’s medallions on his (cool looking) bathrobey costume?

Anton didn’t eat all the giant making mushroom. Just sayin’

Clock reflection on Belle’s wall

David is worried about becoming James. I think he will one day.

An Email from Lorrie

I was listening to the podcast and someone brought up the point of Belle’s broken cup not being cleaned up yet and the fact that she may get looking at the pieces and the charm still working to restore her memory. That got me thinking, what if she steps on a shard of the cup that gets missed when it was cleaned up and cuts her foot. There are numerous instances of magic being activated or transferred through a finger being pricked. The story of sleeping beauty and the spindle, David with the spinning wheel to deliver the sleeping curse, and Gold with the globe to find Bae’s location. What if Belle steps on a piece of the cup, cuts her foot and the magic is transferred to her and this is how her memory is restored?

Just a thought.

Jeff – That is a possibility. We’ll see what happens when he gets back to Storybrooke.

Voicemail from Karen from Maryland

Jeff – Hi Karen. Colleen agrees with you. Bae is too obvious to find so soon, but hey we were wrong about Frankenstein.

Voicemail from Dave from Michigan

Jeff – Ladies and Gentlemen (especially Evil Regals), remember those were Dave’s thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Tiny – Further Discussions and the Changes to the Podcast are (somewhat) Discussed

  1. Jenna E

    Best line ever during this podcast! (said by Jeff)
    “(…) Obviously Jaq knows now: when you run with the sharks, it’s exciting and all that but one day you’re gonna get bit and you’re gonna die.”
    Oh my good goodness! Had I been standing, I would have undoubtedly fallen over! :’)
    Great line! That is gold right there! Gave me a much needed (inexplicable) laugh. Thank you!!
    Big love to all!

  2. Jenna E

    Dear Jeff and Colleen,

    I just finished listening to this podcast and I have tears in my eyes. I truly hope that this newer format has helped you both.

    Though I am listening to these years after their original postings, I am hurting because you both have hurt. Though that hurt may be passed (that is my sincere hope), that does not make it any less real.

    Please know that you both have brought me such joy. I truly hope that you still have many moments when you feel Big Love as I do every time you send it out. I send it back to you both with as much vim and vigor as humanly possible.

    I thank you both for all of your continued efforts and for being who you are!
    I have loved getting to know you both and I am having a blast since I joined you on this journey.

    I just found you guys about three months ago and I have been listening non-stop to try to catch up.
    I have immense respect for you both and as I have posted before, I will be sending you an email outlining how you both have already helped me.

    I look forward to many, many, many more hours of listening. I truly hope that you both get just as much enjoyment putting these podcasts together as I do listening to them!

    Big Love to all!!


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