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Hey Colleen and Jeff, love you guys and have hardly ever written in and I know I should more often so here goes: Was wondering if you, or anyone, saw it possible for there to be a tie with Owen and Nemo from Finding Nemo. It just struck me with the emphasis on the boy and his dad getting separated, and Owen’s determination to find his father again. Not to mention Owen’s mother is deceased, and when you spell Owen backward you get Newo, which is not quite Nemo but close, I suppose…And then when you look at their SUV, it’s painted orange with a white stripe. Oh well, it’s a bit of a stretch I know, but maybe another theory to consider. Take care guys, keep up the great show!!!


Brandy, that is a very cool tie-in. Sometimes you have to bend some theories to fit, and there is enough there to really consider it. Thanks so much for sending it in. – Jeff


Hi Jeff,
Since I know you and Colleen are big Disney fans I wanted to tell you (just in case you had not heard of it) there is a wonderful exhibit of treasures from the Walt Disney archives right now at the Reagan Library. It is there thru April 30th only and some of these items have never been on public display before. I went up there to see it Saturday and had a great time looking at everything from a 26 ft. model of the Black Pearl to Walt’s actual studio recreated with his original drafting table.

Here is an excerpt from the website (http://www.reaganfoundation.org/details_f.aspx?p=LM2024ETEX&h1=0&h2=0&lm=libraryandmuseum&args_a=cms&args_b=35&argsb=N&tx=2748&sw=2748):

Among the extraordinary Disney collectibles to be featured are:

– The original script, written by Walt Disney, for Mickey Mouse’s first cartoon, Steamboat Willie;
– A faithful recreation of Walt’s formal office from the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, Calif., including original furnishings and many of his personal items;
– Hand-drawn artwork and hand-sculpted models used in the production of some of the most beloved Disney animated film classics ever created, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Bambi, and Sleeping Beauty;

Note: This exhibit ends 4/30. Thanks Marilyn for the heads up. 🙂

Hey Jeff and Colleen,

This was a great episode. Gold’s conversation with Regina in the crypt pretty much hit the nail on the head… it’s probably time to drop the whole seeking revenge. Jeff, I so totally agree with you about your Hatfield and McCoy comment from the further discussion podcast on the Miller’s Daughter. The tale of how the curse came to be and the whole slight that started the whole situation has probably been told so many times over that it’s been embellished like a fishing tale where the fish is supposed to be a trophy sized fish, but in actuality it was only a medium sized fish, or maybe for those non fish enthusiasts it could be boiled down to a game of telephone where the main message gets all mixed up by the time it gets to the last person. Henry now knows pretty much what went down in the pawnshop, what his mom has planned with a new curse and he’s not too happy about it. The scene in the diner with Neal and Henry was nice, but I so totally saw that Henry was going to run away when Neal told Emma that Henry went to the bathroom. The flashbacks to the first week of the curse was nice almost a little Groundhog’s Dayish. Regina’s reaction to Gold about not liking the curse was rather interesting. Be careful what you wish for Regina. I was almost tearing up when Owen gave Regina the boondoggle. Then things start to go a little awry with Regina’s plans to make Kurt and Owen stay. Regina went a little too far to try and make them want to hang around. Henry’s idea about going to the mines and taking some of the explosives to get rid of the well and hopefully magic was an interesting plan. Henry bumping into Greg was a little bit of a surprise and then that’s when I started to wonder if Greg wasn’t a grown up Owen. That was a quick reveal. The ending with Snow going to Regina and asking her to end it and Regina not giving into Snow’s request was a powerful scene. Looks like Cora’s getting her wish fulfilled even from the grave with Snow’s heart starting to darken. So looking forward to the rest of the season and how everything shakes out. From the promos we got a the end of this episode I’m really wondering if Tamara isn’t really who she says she is and that Tamara could be the SHE that Greg was calling. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and those of my fellow Oncers on this episode. Big Love to everyone.

Holly from Wisconsin

Great thoughts, Holly. Yes, it was an interesting scene when Snow offered her life as a sacrifice (Remember how many times we have heard sacrifice;
Rumpel told EQ Regina “You need to sacrifice a heart.”, “Great power requires great sacrifice.”, don’t forget the famous letter she wrote to EQ Regina “Dearest Stepmother – by the time you read this, I will be dead. I understand that you will never have love in your life because of me, so it’s only fitting that I’ll be denied that same joy as well. For the sake of the kingdom, I hope my death satisfies your need for revenge – allowing you to rule my father’s subjects as they deserve. With compassion and a gentle hand. I know what you think you’re doing is vengeance – I prefer to think of it as sacrifice, for the good of all. With that in mind, I welcome the end. I want you to take my last message to heart. I’m sorry and I forgive you.”, and this scene Red: “She has no breath. She’s gone. She sacrificed herself… For true love.” Grumpy: “She sacrificed herself for all of us.”, Mulan called Love “sacrifice”, and to bring it around, the Blue Fairy explained about the candle “You must hold this candle over the heart of your sacrifice and whisper their name.”) Thanks for sending in your thoughts. – Jeff

Heather –

Hi guys!

Love the show; you all do a great job with it!

As I was watching Welcome to Storybrooke, I also thought that Greg was the grown up Owen. Then when we saw him taping Regina pulling out Mary Margaret’s heart, another thought struck me. Maybe the Her he keeps calling and sending videos to is Tamara, Neal’s fiancé. I don’t really have any hard evidence for this but it seems like the kind of the thing the writers would do since it ties up a number of separate story lines into one neat package.

Thanks for all your work,
Heather Grimm (yep, Grimm as in the fair tales)

Thanks Heather, I think you’re on the right track with that. – Jeff

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