Who will Save Emma from the Darkness?


Finding and saving others is a constant theme in Once Upon a Time, but who will save Emma from the Darkness? A number of possibilities exist;

Snow and Charming. With the revelation of how they tried to keep the Darkness away from Emma and send it to Lily caused the huge rift between Emma and her parents. However, the Charmings have made the steps to; reconnect with Emma, tell the truth to Emma and participate in reuniting Lily with Maleficent. Emma charged them with repeating their act of removing the Darkness from her again as Heroes. Completing their redemption arc by saving Emma would be a strong possibility.

Do you think Snow and Charming will save Emma?

Hook. This is another obvious choice. Love compels many to run into danger itself to rescue the ones they love. It is interesting to note the exchange the Hook had with Emma in Season 4 about his fear of being pulled back into darkness. Most of the characters (except with the possibility of Gold (and the effect of the Dark One Dagger perhaps) and Zelena) have made great strides out of darkness to the light, but if Hook does goes into that dark place to rescue Emma, will he be compromised himself?

Do you think Hook will save Emma?

Regina. To me, one of the most dramatic changes in character from Season 1 has got to be Regina. If you were to tell me that the cold, uncaring, revenge-fueled Evil Queen from Season 1 would come to make promises, keep those promises and put herself in harms way for (at that time) her mortal enemy, I would never have believed you, but she has. There are still parts of this “Hero” lifestyle that baffles Regina, at the end of Season 4 she told Emma that there had to be another way, besides Emma taking the Darkness on herself to saving everyone else and Regina’s road away from being a Villain, but sometimes the best choice is the hardest choice.

Do you think Regina will be the one to save Emma?

Henry. He has always been the youngest, most protected member of the characters, but has always yearned to be a hero and this may be his most important task. He has had a taste of what being a Hero entails; The risk, the danger and the reward. Will he rescue Emma by traversing portals to other times and realms or by somehow reclaiming his role as the Author and changing things with the power of the quill? With any good Hero story, the quest always includes danger, temptations and tests. Growth and maturity is never easy, and this may be the most difficult time for Henry ever.

Do you think Henry will save Emma?

As we know with a show like Once Upon a Time, there are many, many other options. Do you think Emma will be saved by others or other means? Will it be;

The entire team mentioned above working together?


Emma herself?

Some other possibility?

I’m very interesting to read your thoughts on this. Please leave your comments below and let’s discuss it together.

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