10 Things to do during the Once Upon a Time 2014 Summer hiatus

As we ponder what chilly trouble Elsa will bring to Storybrooke, what else can a Oncer do while we wait for Season 4 to being? Here are some ideas;

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1. Rewatch the Once Upon a Time series. It’s great to go back and revisit Storybrooke, Boston, The Enchanted Forest, New York, again for the “first time”. Even though we know where a series is at the end of Season 3, it’s fun to see where things started and see how things all connect together (so far).


2. See and hopefully get a chance to meet and get a picture or autograph from an OUAT cast member at a convention (hopefully) near you: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/cast2014


3. Enter the world of Cosplay: http://cosplaytutorial.com/index.php


4. Visit the town where Once Upon a Time is filmed. Note: There are no guarantees that you will see any filming, but if you are lucky and do, it is very, very cool. Note: Steveston is a lovely town and the people there are even lovelier, even if there is no OUAT filming going on.


5. Listen to Disney, Once Again Podcast during the Once Upon a Time hiatus http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/disneyonceagain


6. Try your hand at some great apple recipes http://allrecipes.com/recipes/fruits-and-vegetables/fruits/apples/


7. Watch what Mr. Gold would watch, if he had a Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, that is Pawn Stars on the History Channel


8. Buy the Season 3 OUAT Blu Rays/DVDs when they go on sale on August 19th per http://www.ksitetv.com/castle/abc-studios-announces-dvd-release-dates-box-art/33012


9. Don’t let a Flying Monkey sneak up on you – Learn Archery http://www.learn-archery.com/


10. Like it or not, Elsa is coming to OUAT – are you ready for her? Learn Frozen secrets HERE

2 thoughts on “10 Things to do during the Once Upon a Time 2014 Summer hiatus

  1. Laura

    Re: revisit Disney: I really enjoyed watching the original Snow White and the seven dwarves. It still scared me in parts. I like that the evil queen’s dress was purple, the exact shade of purple that represents Regina’s magic on the TV Show.

    I really enjoyed watching Beauty and the Beast yet again. I have watched this movie so many times because I love it so much. I sing and swing along with it (alone in the privacy of my home) I can’t wait to hear what you and Coleen and other fans have to share about it on your next Podcast. After the beauty of mr. and Mrs. R. Gold’s wedding vows on the season 3 finale, I can’t help but mist up and/or giggle whenever I see Chip now.

    Re: re-watch the entire series. I would enjoy this. Do you know if anyone has organized this?


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