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DisneyOnceAgain – Peter Pan (1953) – 234


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Podcast Episode 234

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Disney Once Again notes:

No “Once Upon a Time” opening from a book.

We see a beautifully recreated London. In a way, it was like taking us there. It was a real place, not a Fairy Tale place.

Peter Pan chose the house because they believed. This was a special group of children that believed. It could have been any group, but he chose them.

Children still believe in magic, adults don’t. They’ve grown out of belief.

Nana gave the kids tonic. I used to have to take Cod Liver Oil. Did Peter Pan give my parents this idea?

Kids play fun games with dangerous things; Pointed wooden swords and hangers swinging at each other. Plus they’re jumping on the bed. We never were allowed to jump on the bed.

Children teach us to have fun in the moment, today.

They drew a Treasure Map on the Mr. Darling’s shirt front.

Geocaching and letter boxing is a bit of treasure hunting today.

Mr. Darling explaining that there is a difference between stories and reality, but in this story – belief made this story true.

Moving Wendy out of the nursery and to her own room is a physical move from being a child to an adult. Mr. Darling wanted to remove her from the nursery (The land a childlike belief to adult practicality)

Poor Nana. Nana had a lot of jobs in the Darling home, but one little tripping issue over the blocks and out she goes.

“Everybody has to grow up”

Can’t you still be an adult and still have a childlike belief.

This animated movie had so much imagination; Flying to a magical island, shadows that separate from a body, etc.

The music was Classic Disney music.

You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! [From Peter Pan] by Disney on Grooveshark

To buy the digital version of Heigh Ho Mozart, use this affiliate link: http://www.onceuponatimepodcast.com/heighhomozart

This was the first, male Peter Pan.

A Tink with depth and flaws. Tink is a like a mood ring. She changes colors based on her mood.

Peter Pan wasn’t very kind to Wendy, “Girls talk too much”, etc.

Peter tells Wendy “You can be our Mother”. Even though Peter Pan made a place for Lost Boys who stay young, believe in magic, he knew that something was missing, a Mother figure. Someone to care for and nurture the group.

Notice that Big Ben was on 8:15, the same as the clock in Storybrooke

We get a fly over of London

The pirates were very piratey and not Disney “family friendly”;

Captain Hook: [grabbing Smee] I’ve got it! Tiger Lily, Smee!
Mr. Smee: [nervously] T-T-Tiger Lily, Captain?
Captain Hook: The chief’s daughter. She’ll know where Pan is hiding.
Mr. Smee: B-B-But-But will she talk, Captain?
Captain Hook: Oh, a little persuasion might be in order. Now let me see… Boiling in oil? Uh, keelhauling? Eh, marooning?

Later on when Tink gives up the location of Peter Pan’s hideout (Hangman’s Tree)

Captain Hook: [about to lower a bomb into Peter Pan’s hideout] And now, Smee, to take care of master Peter Pan.
Mr. Smee: But, Captain, wouldn’t it be more humane-like to slit his throat?
Captain Hook: Aye, that it would, Mr Smee. But I have given me word not to lay a finger, or a hook, on Peter Pan. And Captain Hook never breaks a promise.

Cannibal Cove

Mermaid Lagoon

Hook shot and killed the accordion player

The animation was so good

I love the pirates, because they came from all over the world, even Sweden.

When you fly with Peter Pan, that also means you can float and stand on clouds.

Tinkerbell treated flying like swimming in the air.

Lost Boys, Hook and Peter Pan speak Tink.

Tink was very mean. She told the Lost Boys to shoot down Wendy. Mean Tink.

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Hook was pretty sneaky. He kidnapped Tigerlilly, but the Indians thought the Lost Boys did.

Mermaids really liked Peter Pan, but they were mean to Wendy, too. They tried to drown her.

From http://www.perry.com/disney/subs/mermaids.jpg

There were live mermaids at Disneyland, too.

Peter Pan would have been a great ventriloquist, they way he threw his voice.

We didn’t get much explanation about crowing, but Peter Pan did crow a number of times.

Skull Rock.

There used to be a Skull Rock and Pirate Ship at Disneyland.

Great sword fights.

Wendy, lucky to not get shot our of the sky, drowned or eaten by the crocodile after walking the plank, was the moral voice of the movie.

Smee is a busy body, he hears everything and is perfect to use in dialogue exposition and move the story ahead.

Pan brings peace to the land by returning Tigerlilly.

Hook manipulates Tink. Different than the OUAT show Hook.

Those in Never Never Land forgot their Mother.

Smee and the other pirates (not Hook) were crying at the Your Mother and Mine song.

Smee brings out Hook’s “Sunday Best” hooks. Golden hooks.

Margaret Kerry’s website: Tinkerbell Talks

Thanks to Richard and Sarah from Skywalking Through Neverland for allowing us to include a snippet of their interview with Margaret Kerry and they included thoughts of their own about Peter Pan.


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3X05 Good Form – Main Show – Not Jack, but Wendy?, King Who?, Cocoon and Star Wars connections.



Instead of Jack, is it Wendy in the Box? Maybe a True Love of Someone on the island?
Who is the King?
Is the Island removing Hook’s Pirate side?
Is Regina (and the group) learning to play well with each other, and how ill they play out for Pan?
Never judge a book by it’s cover, even if its a Pirate, an Evil Queen, etc, etc.
Neverland is an island of permission, even Regina knows this.
Cocoon and (More) Star Wars connections.
Don’t fall under a sleeping curse, stay awake for this.

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Once Upon a Time “Good Form” episode and Magical Water on Neverland

In the “Good Form” episode of “Once Upon a Time” there were many connections to Star Wars, Lost and other stories.

We learn that on the magical island of Neverland, there is a deadly plant, known as Dream Shade, and if a person comes in contact with it, or its sap, they will slowly die. Hook acquired some of it to put on his Hook to try and kill Rumpel in Season 2 (You will recall that the double-sided candle was used to remove the deadly affects of the Dream Shade from Rumpel and kill Cora), but now we learn more about this plant in “Good Form”.

A side note, Pan mentions to Hook, after his brother Liam scratched himself with the plant to prove that he trusted the King’s order of their quest for this magical plant that could heal all ills. Liam began to quickly fall under the effects of the poison, and Killian remembered earlier that Pan told them that the plant they were seeking was deadly. Killian begged Pan for help to save his brother’s life and Pan told Killian, “There is a way to stop him (Liam, his brother) from dying”.

killian and liam with Pan on Neverland Once Upon a Time "Good Form"

That phrase was a shout out to the Star Wars trilogy and a point The Emperor used Anakin’s fear of the ones around him dying to lure him into the Dark Side.

” Palpatine … tells Anakin Skywalker that Plagueis was killed by his apprentice in his sleep and was obsessed with finding the key to immortality…” Source

Back to Killian and Pan. Pan revealed a spring with water that is “rich with the power of Neverland”.

Peter Pan and the Magical Water

Magical Water is found in many stories, but notably in Lost. The Protector of the Island is transferred in a religiousy, communionish ceremony in which the previous Protector fills a cup with water and hands it to the new Protector to drink.

cup ritual lost the end

Pan also mentioned that the magical water also keeps all on Neverland so young. The Fountain of Youth is another part of many stories, including Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

On Neverland, the Magical Water from the spring will heal and revive (in this case) those who have been infected with the Dream Shade poison, but Magic (including the spring of water) always comes with a price…

The Magical Water revives Liam on Neverland

Before we get to the Price, I wanted to mention a variation of the Magical, Healing Water and add a Cup that infuses the water in it with Healing power. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Father and Son Jones search for the Cup of Christ which, we are told has the power to give someone eternal life. Toward the end of the film, Papa Jones is shot, thus pushing Indy to go through the traps, find the correct cup and return with healing water to save his dying father.


Now, back to the price of Magic on Neverland. The price is that if you leave the island, you will pay the penalty. We have seen some penalties paid by using Magic on Once Upon a Time, but this situation involved Liam’s death once their Pegasus-sailed flying boat touched the water away from Neverland. Lost had sort of similar “rules” of not leaving the island, as well. Those on the “Lost” island could leave, but their lives would go to ruin and they would be lured back. This also reminded me of the discussion that Pan had with Neal when Neal declared that he got off the island (without Pan’s permission), to which Pan replied “Look where you are now”. Checkmate by Pan, the Master manipulator.

Pand and Neal on Neverland

That’s all for now. What do you think? Anything I missed? What other connections to the water do you know of?

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3X04 Nasty Habits – First Thoughts


Neal untied the overhand knot because of what he learned from Hook.

In a strange way to show love to his son, Rumpel stole a small knife to help Bae sharpen his coal. Thus, helping Bae with his talent and at the same time flexing his “Dark One” terrifying muscles at the man that owned the knife.

Will we ever see the knife again, I wonder?

Rumpel wanted to build a palace for Bae. many have built palaces to the ones they love (The Taj Mahal and more. Check this link: http://weburbanist.com/2010/02/10/architectural-love-story-10-castles-built-for-love/), but Rumpel built it to give Bae freedom – in a palatial prison.

Rumpel used war paint. It reminded me of American Indian war paint, and more recently Johnny Depp as Tonto in The Lone Ranger.


Rumpel described Belle as a vision, but is it really Belle – or Pan?


Have there been other visions that Rumpel have seen? Will he use it to speak to others in the future?

The Lost Boys fort was drawn in sand. Classic war “breaking people out” or “Escape plan” or “Battle plan” in movies.

Hook shot Charming a look when the group was talking about Dream Shade, and wanting him to tell Snow.

The only time anyone can leave Neverland is when Pan allows it, except for Bae (and Rumpel, too?).

Lana had some great lines “Did you learn that from Bail Bondsperson School?”

Here are some screen shots of Neal’s cave on Neverland.

Stars on the ceiling


Other various wall screenshots




Cindy from our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/ouatpodcast) added these incredible thoughts: “Drawn on Bae’s cave walls was P & S. These were the letters Hook carved on the Jolly Rodger when he was teaching Baelfire to sail. Port & Starboard. Also, we’re the people he drew, the Darlings? What building was that? His home…Also, I liked that Baelfire loved to draw, like his mother. He was drawing a picture when Rumple entered to give him that knife, and how that tied into his cave drawings… I thought it was interesting that when Rumple cast that sleeping curse over all the lost boys, Rumples spell didn’t effect Peter, thus the need for squid ink. Poor Henry, Pan caught him when he was VERY vulnerable, just being woken from the sleeping spell. Remember, Rumple warned Neal it’s dangerous to wake him before the spell has worn off… If, in the beginning, children only came to Peter’s Neverland in their dreams, would that make Peter The Dream Catcher? Reminding me of ( I think, Tallahassee?) Neal once gave Emma a map so they could find a “home”. Now, Neal seems to have given her a new map leading to “home”. But where might that map lead? Enchanted Forest? Storybrook? Wendy? Tallahassee? New York? Tink took a watch from Tamara’s body. Why a watch? Was it Neal’s watch? It didn’t look like a woman’s watch. Maybe it was my imagination, but I saw lots of little tidbits from Neal and Emma’s past together in this episode.”

Here is the scrawling of P and S from “And Straight On ‘Til Morning” that we forgot to mention as a connection.






Pan gave Hook a portal. Is Pan growing beans on the Neverland island?

Colleen noticed a lot of similarities with this episode and the book, Lord of the Flies.

Neal left Neverland without Pan’s permission – how? We know he knew a sneaky way to get to Neverland. I am very interested to see how he got away from Neverland.

Rumpel said that he would sacrifice his life to save Henry, but does he mean it?

Rumpel said “Magic led him to the hamlet (Shown in the episode),” so I would guess that his “magic tracking spell” works similarly to Tink’s Pixie dust trail that led her to Regina’s true love in the tavern.

The Pied Piper is introduced. He used a pan flute to lure children to follow it.

Neal showed that not only can a person use a (Conch) shell hear the ocean, but when sounded, the ocean can hear the shell “call”. Brilliant idea! Neal uses it call a squid (a la 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea).


Disney film

As the squid came ashore, Neal asked Rumpel to extract some squid ink that could, according to Neal it has the power to immobilize the most magical creatures.

Hook/Charming exchange. Charming seems to accept the fate of his death and urges Hook (as a final wish) to just save Henry.

Flint and a Hook can light a torch. Hook can be on Survivor!

@ktodd1116 on Twitter reminded us that “Did you know the show Survivor was based on #LordoftheFlies?” Amazing! I had forgotten that. Thanks for letting us know! 🙂

Listening to #f


The shot of Rumpel on the roof reminded me of many movies. That’s all I got for that.

To Catch a Thief shot that Colleen mentioned.


Pan Flute. Peter Pan played the Pan Flute to be the Pied Piper. That’s a lot of P’s.

If Pan give Hook a portal, pan must have used them a lot to gather children to go and dance in the forest. Pan also mentioned that he would take some of the children to Neverland.

Pan also mentioned “visit in dreams”. Is it in the fire room, and is it anyone who is sleeping? Cue the creepy similarity to Nightmare on Elm Street.

Certain boys can hear the flute, as only certain people could hear the cries on the island. Only the “Unloved, Unwanted…” could hear.

Henry initially said he was not like Pan or the Lost Boys (Turns out Rumpel gave Pan the idea to call them that. Rumpel is involved with everything!).

Pan’s pipe is enchanted. Who enchanted it and how?

When Henry didn’t hear the pipe at first, I thought that Pan didn’t blow into the pipe.

Another funny Lana line about the Lost Boys using the colander to make Pasta, or should they be happy that Neal made a nightlight. Classic Regina stuff tonight.

Guessing games.

Pan is magical. Who was he and how did he become magical?

Neal not coating the tip of the arrow was one of the brilliant twists tonight.

Self Preservation is a nasty habit. On the flip side, sacrifice is a noble thing.

Pan wasn’t always immortal. Is there any Dark One knife? How did Pan become immortal?

Rumpel mentioned seeing people’s “true nature”. It reminds me of “denying who you really are” scenes.

Neal was worried that if Rumpel did the right thing today, what about tomorrow. Rumpel seemed like he wanted to change, but Neal didn’t trust him.

Rumpel wanted his ‘Redemption’. “Have faith and believe in me”

Neal used the old “Squid ink on the back of a leaf” trick to freeze Rumple.

Emma never stopped loving Neal.

“Never break into a place unless you know how to get out”

It was an interesting exchange between Neal and Pan about Neal winning by leaving the island and Pan asking, “but where are you now?”.

Pan now reset the board and a new game began.

Belle believes in Rumpel, but is it really Belle?

Pan tells Henry “We can be your family,” like Hook did.

Henry could hear the music, but is it a ruse to “play” along and trick Pan to get off the island?

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3X01 The Heart of the Truest Believer – Main Show




From TV Ratings by the Numbers (http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2013/10/04/l3-ratings-abcs-once-upon-a-time-emerges-as-sundays-top-broadcast-in-adults-18-49-revenge-is-the-nights-biggest-overall-gainer/206981/) – Updated on 10/4/13
10.3 million viewers

By Comparison (from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Once_Upon_a_Time_episodes#cite_note-52)) –
S2 Premiere (Broken) 11.36 Million Viewers,
S1 Pilot 12.93 Million Viewers


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Over the Summer Happenings –

– We send #BigLove and Congratulations to Lana Parrilla for her engagement to Fred. (Link: http://www.timesofisrael.com/scandal-actors-gush-about-their-trip-in-israel/ )

– Jmo starred in a movie called “Some Girls” that is now available on Vimeo and iTunes. (Link: http://somegirlsfilm.com/ )

– Ginnifer starred in a National Geographic Channel movie called “Killing Kennedy,” in which she plays Jackie Kennedy. The film premieres on Sunday, November 10. (Link: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2013/09/12/killing-kennedy-teaser-trailer-hits-the-web/ )

Shadow of the Queen, the Illustrated novel and
The Once Upon a Time Behind the Scenes magazines were released:


Thanks to Marissa and Paige for their help.

Jeff and Colleen’s thoughts:

How did Pan/The Lost Boys communicate with Greg and Tamara? How did He/They deliver the “communicator”? How did they know to light a signal fire?

How did Greg and Tamara know where Neverland was? According to Neal, if you think of a place you go there. How did they know?

Tamara was surprised they made it. I would assume they’ve never made that or any trip through the portal. Who taught them about portal travel?

The Charming family seem to be pulling apart, but the more dastardly and dashing characters are working together more easily.

Bae’s Sword. Did Hook teach him to fight?

Can Team 7 or Mother Superior somehow send some pixie dust to Henry? To give them a way to escape?

Mermaids seem to be the first line of defense of the Neverland island.

How kooky is it that all the exposition from Greg and Tamara about The Home Office led to it to be revealed and now (it seems) nullified?

Rumpel referred to Pan the way most people referred to Rumpel (Especially Regina, “There’s always something more with you”)

Wizard of Oz – Crystal Ball

Will Emma rescue all the Lost Boys (as she connects with him as an orphan), or just Henry?

Will our heroes have to complete games to gain control over Pan and escape the island?

Rumpel’s connection to Neverland. Collecting babies.

Email points:

From Marcie

Jeff and Colleen,
My friend and I were talking last night after the premiere and we had a thought about peter pan and his shadow and would like to get your thoughts on our theory. We were wondering, since there is a human pan now, why does the shadow get the kids and not the boy? We thought that even peter is trapped because Wendy said once you step foot on neverland you cannot leave, but maybe your shadow can? Please let us know what you think. Thanks.


From Lorie

I don’t know why I didn’t catch this last season, but the thought just occurred to me and is really bothering me.  Hopefully someone will have some insight for me.
We know that until Emma arrived and decided to stay, the clock didn’t move.  toward the end of season 2, it showed Regina walking through town and the day kept playing itself over and over with no real changes.  So, I guess we are to assume that these characters were stuck in the same day for 28 years.  Now to the part that bothers me.  We know that at some point before Emma arrived, Mary Margerete and Dr Whale had a fling, Dr Hopper was treating Henry and he would not have started that when henry first arrived.  it had to be at some point later in time.  also, we know that at some time in the 28 years, Red tried to leave, but Granny had a heart attack. 
so did time really stand still and repeat itself over and over, like groundhog day.  Or did their lives go on during this 28 years, its just that they didn’t really change much?
Really looking forward to the new season.  Have missed the podcast.


From Holly

Hey Jeff and Colleen,

I have to say that I really enjoyed the season opener for Once Upon A Time. There were so many great scenes in this episode that I’ll only touch on a few of them. Loved the scenes in Enchanted Forest with Mulan, Phillip, Aurora, and Neal. Nice to see that Neal made it through the portal okay. Though if I were Neal I don’t know if I wouldn’t have been saying that I was Rumpelstiltskin’s son right away. Cool that Rumpelstiltskin hid a few of his magical items in the Dark Castle and that they could only be found by Neal. Though I am wondering how Neal knew about the Dark Castle. Maybe Rumple told him about it off screen while they were in Storybrooke, or Neal heard about it from others during his travels. Greg and Tamara didn’t last too long in Neverland.  Be careful who you work for and like Henry said, you need to ask more questions. Tamara actually thinking that Rumple would forgive her for what she did to his son was wishful thinking. So glad the two of them are gone. The scenes between Henry and Pan were bone chilling. When the Lost Boys were circling around Henry with Pan, I was so hoping that Rumple would have shown up and did his best Molly Weasley impersonation/ improvisation of  not my Grandson….. Colleen, I agree with you about how cruel Pan’s games will be. I’m hoping not too cruel. I’ll wrap it up here. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts and everyone elses.

Give Lady a treat from me.

Big Love to everybody.

Holly from Wisconsin

From Maii

Just listened to the first thoughts on 3×01.. and first of all thank you for not hating on Hook… I’ve had to stop listening to some podcasts bc of their excessive Hook bashing.. 
Just want to point out some things 

One thing you mentioned Hook looks at Emma like a daughter, yeah I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure if a dad looked at a daughter like that it would be highly incestuous but he does care about her. No one can deny that (no matter how much they want to)  just look at the way he looks when she’s talking:
1. The scene with rumple and Emma- Killian looks murderous and worried
2. The almost drowning, He looks terrified and then he looks relieved when she woke up
3. When he is talking about the happy ending he looks directly at where Emma is sitting when he’s done talking
4. The scene with the drinks, he knew she needed closure, and that she would be all in knots about Rumple’s words so he went to cheer her up.
5. Her speech at the end he looks seriously impressed and his “I quite fancy you from time to time when you’re not yelling at me” is a way of stating his feelings after she almost died. (Emma almost died in the same spot Milah died) 
& Bae did go to our world when he fell in the portal, he ended up with the Darlings then sacrificed himself for Wendy’s brothers and that’s how he ended up in Neverland.

Your podcast is wonderful and I really enjoy it keep up the good work. 

From Brad

Hello Jeff and Colleen, it’s great to have the podcast back! 
Here’s the list of things I learned from this weeks episode, The Heart of the Truest Believer.
#1. Henry was born at 8:15.
#2. The electrical surge after Henry’s birth would suggest he is magical too.
#3. Sand is not an effective replacement for batteries.
#4. Neverland is the Motherload of magic.
#5. Rumpelstiltskin always finds time for a wardrobe change.
#6. Snow and Charming are Infuriating optimistic.
#7. Neverland is a place where imaginations run wild.
#8. Sharks and whales and kraken’s, oh my! Have nothing on Mermaids.
#9. Hook fancy’s Emma when she’s not yelling at him.
#10. Portals take you wherever you think.
#11. Mulan and Aurora are much more likeable than the first season.
#12. Robin Hood had a major face transplant since the last time we saw him. 
#13. It doesn’t take much for Aurora to give up.
#14. It is much easier to get someone to hate something than to believe 
#15. Evil Peter Pan and Felix are amazingly wicked!

P.S. I really thought the music from Mark Isham this week was great! 


Voicemails from Tyler, Brad and Not so “Bashful” Mig Macario. Thanks, Mig!

Comedy bit:

The Saga of Cook Sal Manilla and Stinky Joe

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