3X06 Ariel – First Thoughts “Secret, Secret, I’ve Got a Secret”



Snow was wearing her “Forest Snow” outfit. Probably around the time Snow lived in her Stump apartment, and wear she was trapped by Charming in the rope net trap.

Snow’s slide down the hill reminded me of Romancing the Stone. Also in The Fugitive movie, Harrison Ford’s character did a as Tommy Lee Jones’ character called it a “Peter Pan” into the water. Other movies had a jump off a cliff into water, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, etc.

The Regina and Emma scene reminded me of the Karate Kid and the training portion. Regina also channeled Yoda, Palpatine and Dooku. Focus, Anger and Concentration.

Emma’s anger started a fire.

Lying .vs a Secret. Lying can be keeping a secret until it is confirmed, right Hook?

Secrets seem to keep us from the people we really care about or it protects the ones we love.

Snow’s a very good tracker. We think Red taught her. Hi @MeghanROry, we miss you!

Ariel is a rescuer and a collector.

Under the Sea Ball, like the song from The Little Mermaid and from Back to the Future “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance.

Ursula grants wishes, but she is a myth.

So many stories involve Love with false pretenses.

Emma now reads people (or at least what people say) real well – now.

Time stands still on Neverland.

Mr. Gold has EVERYTHING in his shop (Even bowls of soup, too).

Pan is a cook, too. He cooked Eggs “in a basket,” but alas no soup.

Robbie Friggin Kay is awesome!

Evil Munchkins line was funny.

Regina takes action and leaves the group. The groups were split up again.

We see an Ursula statue.

Ursula statue Once Upon a Time

Salad trident line was great.

Eric dreamed of Ariel from a vision from Ursula. How and why did that happen?

Eric will wait for Ariel, like Never been kissed.

Darth Regina neck snap. If you work for her, you better


be a great worker.

Pan is a voyeur – a voyeur with a spyglass.

Echo Cave is mentioned again.

Moving the prize when the other army gets too close.

Pan mentioned to Rumpel to start a family, and so did Vision Belle. “Take my hand and we’ll go,” It seemed very much like the shadow.

Regina outed the Vision Belle. Notice that the Vision Belle had to “die” before it was transformed to what it really was. Did you notice the look of fear and uncertainty on Rumpel’s face as Darth Regina was force choking the Vision Belle?

If the entire #SaveHenry party (including Neal) was together, they would have found Henry and rescued him by now. David would never have been hurt, drank the water and been trapped on the island. Also, Hook and Emma would never have kissed, etc. However, splitting up the group as they did adds much more possibility for drama and heartache.

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One thought on “3X06 Ariel – First Thoughts “Secret, Secret, I’ve Got a Secret”

  1. Lisa

    I’ve been trying to figure out what the connection is between Rumple and Peter Pan. At first I thought they might be brothers but the more I think about it, I’m starting to think that Pan is Rumple’s father—-a man who shirked adult responsibility(by leaving his family) because he never wanted to grow up. Whatever the connection turns out to be I’m sure(at least I’m hopeful) it will be interesting.

    The Echo cave sequence was AWESOME! I think I may have gasped watching it. I know a lot of focus is on Emma and her dilemma(Neal or Hook…..or neither) but I’m totally engrossed in Snow and Charming(the only two characters who have brought me to tears this season). Will she forgive him and how will they get him off Neverland……or will she offer to stay there with him???


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