3X06 Ariel – Main Show – Hook Good, Neil Bad? #ArielStabs #OncerQuiz

Episode Name: Ariel

ursula ariel

Once Quiz Question:

What did Ashley say she was doing in Mr. Gold’s shop?

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Here’s a question, I was watching after Owen comes to Storybrooke. How is it that no one has ever stumbled upon the town? I know it’s cloaked but what happens if someone just happens to turn down that road. Do they crash? Do they enter Storybrooke? Do they just keep driving and pass through as if the town is not even there? Second watches always seem to bring up questions.



You know what after rewatching Season 1 and most of Season 2, I realized Cora is the cause of the mess between Regina and Snow. 1. Cora killed Snows Mother 2. Cora cause Snows horse to go wild 3. Cora practically forced Snow to tell her about Snow and Daniel, you could tell that Snow didn’t want to say anything. I am wondering if Regina had known what her mother did to Snows mother do you think the relationship between Regina and Snow would of been different? Do you think Regina still could of been with Daniel?



After seeing the naval uniforms in Hook’s backstory, does anyone else now think that Rumple’s doll seems to be dressed in a naval officer’s uniform?

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From Holly

Hey Jeff and Colleen,
This was another fantastic episode. I agree with the both of you that this season has been fantastic and that whatever changes that were made between season 2 and this current season that they don’t go back.  Pan’s still up to his vindictive mischievous best. We still don’t know who or what is in the other box that was next to Neal before he got moved to the Echo Cave. Loved the training scene with Emma and Regina. I’m thinking now that Regina’s realizing some of Rumple’s frustration when he was training her. Snow’s track record for keeping secrets is still not doing so hot. She’s kept like maybe one. Ariel asked her not to say anything to Prince Eric and she was able to manage that. I was on Charming and Hook’s side to not say anything to Emma in case if what Pan had told Hook would have been a lie. That could have sent Emma further over the edge. The Student becoming the Teacher when Regina force chokes Pan’s shadow version of Belle. Rumple and Regina teaming up to bring down Pan had me cheering. I’m really hoping that Pan doesn’t see this one coming. One ticked off Grandfather and one of two Angry Mamma Bears on the warpath, I’d be a little worried. That fate worse than death thing sounds rather ominous. I’m also glad that Ariel got her voice back. I’m really hoping that Regina won’t have to do too much more convincing to Ariel about having her head to Storybrooke and getting the item from Gold’s shop to bring Pan down. Snow and Emma finally know the truth that Charming had been poisoned by the dream shade. Snow was none too thrilled. Very glad that Neal said that even though Emma kissed Hook that he still wouldn’t give up on her and stop fighting for her.  The Fairy Tale land scenes with Ariel were great. Loved the ending bit where the actual Ursula shows up and gives Regina what for for impersonating her. Well I’ll wrap it up here. Big love to everyone.


From Aleana

Love this episode JoAnna Garica was great as Ariel love her friendship with Snow Prince Eric was okay but a bit dull love Regina and Rumple team up but I do think it going to take all of them to save Henry I didn’t like Snow being team Nealfire but I think she only want Emma with Nealfire because Henry want it I was mad that we didn’t get to see who was in the other box hope they don’t wait to reveal it after Neverland arc or at the end of this season Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fake Belle is gone love all the confessions I don’t mind Snow want a another baby want to see Snow and Charming raise a child and see how Emma feel about having a sister or brother Love that Regina was Ursla you could tell she love playing her like that we got see the real Ursla hope we get to see more of her love that mermaids can swim between realm which makes me think the way to get off Neverland is by water kinda mad that we didn’t see Ariel and Snow scene in present love that Snow is piss at Charming when he try to ecplain and she said Not Now also Snow learn tracking by Ruby aka Red love that Snow can’t keep a secret like Emma confide in Snow about the kiss with Hook love Charming face when he found out also I think Hook only told about Nealfire to the Charmings is because he didn’t want to be the only with the secret if Emma found out Hook knew he can say your parents knew to
So my question is Rumple and Peter Pan are connect so if one dies the other dies to so does that means they are both cut from the same cloth


From Maii

Hello guys fantastic show as always! 

Ariel was fantastic and no one can do her better justice than Joanna.. I really loved the spin on Ariel and the scenes with Eric and Snow melted my heart.. I think so far this is the story that has stuck the most to the Disney version.. But with a few key changes.. 
The moment she looses her voice and he’s right there but he can’t hear her just kills me (btw did you notice Regina wearing the outfit from Skin Deep?) 
Ariel and Snow’s friendship was great and I really hope we see more of that when everyone gets reunited..
I’ve got no thoughts on the Rumple scene other than I’m glad that FINALLY someone told him dude THAT’S NOT BELLE…
I am an Emma fan beyond anything else and honestly? The woman has suffered enough.. and the face she made when she realizes Neal IS alive is anything but happy.. 
I disagree at the Neal scene it wasn’t sweet I saw it as kind of the opposite.. Like the ex that won’t leave you alone..
She said I hoped you were dead she’s completely ready to move on .. I think we saw a lot of growth on Emma like you know what? You’ve hurt me way too much.. There’s a point of no return and I think Neal crossed it.. 
Telling someone you are going to fight for them after they tell you they are moving on from you makes you the selfish toxic ex who doesn’t want to respect the wishes of the other. In no way shape or form is that romantic.
He says he’ll keep on fighting but when did you start? He never fought for her, he sent her to jail in his place and then he found Tallahassee with Tamara (and we’ve got confirmation that he truly loved Tamara, I loathed Tamara but he loved her and we can’t take that away from the character) and then he realized oh Emma is still there I’m going for her.. When he doesn’t actually know Emma and Emma doesn’t know Neal..I like that’s he’s admitting he did hurt her but I don’t think he has grasped just how much he did..His fear of rejection and of his father was stronger than he’s love for Emma.
I’ve said it before that I like him when he’s not with Emma, I love the character of Neal and the character of Bae but when he’s around Emma only the worst comes out, he treats her poorly, belittles her (oh I never believed you anyway) so I think he deserves his happy ending but it’s not with her.. 

Killian Jones knew from the second Pan told him Neal was alive that his chance was shot to hell (or so he thinks) bc he’s got the worst self esteem on this show.. He thinks he’s undeserving on Emma, that he will never be worthy of her but he’s still going to try his hardest to make sure she’s happy..
Because as we know love is sacrifice.. He sacrificed his happiness to make sure Emma got hers (or what he thinks is her happiness, he’s under the impression that Emma’s TL is Neal when we’ve actually got pretty much a lot of proof that it is not the case).. He knows his heart is going to break but he organizes the rescue anyway 
When Emma and Neal are hugging and they cut to the Charmings and Killian’s reactions, I love Charming’s face because he has this sort of painful expression on like Killian does because he and Killian are sort of friends ( or getting there, we know Charming respects Killian now and sort of trusts him) and he knows that Killian is a good man who loves his daughter so Charming is feeling for him but also for his daughter too because unlike Snow, Charming doesn’t knows how to react yet about Neal. 
Even Snow who is at the moment very pro Neal (which lets be honest it’s mostly because she thinks Neal/Emma are like her and Charming but I think when she finds out the truth she’s going to withdraw her support and go into momma bear mode) if you see her face when they enter the cave and see Neal she turns to look at Killian who has this completely broken expression on his face and then she looks back at the cage and you can see the wheels turning in her head..
More than that we saw that Charming/Snow/Killian didn’t hear Emma’s secret they just saw her speaking to him and then the hug (which I got to say I absolutely adored bc I felt it was kind of him knowing she needed it and it was just great).. So it’s very probable they came to the wrong conclusion 
Everyone talks about Robbie’s acting and it is phenomenal but damn Colin’s subtle movements I think are the best p.. He’s got a way to portray emotion that is beyond amazing.. The little background moments that just tell you all you need to know without saying a word..

Once again I loved the show and I look forward to hearing your thoughts


From Emma

I’ve never sent in an email to a podcast before! But anyway, now that they’ve solidified the awkward love triangle between Emma, Hook, and Neil, I kind of wonder if by the end of the season something will happen that will prevent Hook from leaving Neverland….. like some sort of tradeoff with Charming? It makes since because after this season they’ll probably go back to Storybrook or the Enchanted Forest where Hook would be very much out of place. 


From Awilda

Hi Jeff and Colleen:
Love to listen to you guys – you put on a great show. Did you notice the scene when Snow blurted out that Neil was alive that her ears glowed red? Was it just the lighting? It was all I could stare at – I know – I am strange like that – I don’t think that pixie look is for her. Just sayin . . . .

snows ear


From Marilyn

Hi Jeff and Colleen,
Have you seen the video “Spell Block Tango” by Todrick Hall on youTube?
Its a mash-up of  a song from Chicago sung by the evil characters from Disney animated films. I think it is funny and very clever.

Take care,


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From Brad

Hi Jeff and Colleen,
I have just a small list this week because I have some other thoughts I’d like to share as well.
Things I learned from the episode Ariel
#1. The Shadow does impressions.
#2. A dinglehopper can be used as a shiv. 
#3. Peter Pan can identify a fertile woman just by looking at her. 
#4. Camping with the Charming’s would be an awful spinoff.
#5. Always fall in love first before revealing your big secret.
In the beginning of this episode when Snow is looking over the cliff she says to herself, “Really?”  I found this humorous because Emma says things like this all the time, so to hear young Snow say it was great! 
If I’m being honest, the one thing I disliked about this episode was the water scenes. It looked like Ariel and Snow were inside a swimming pool in some shots.  A real scene with a beautiful beach and ocean would be shown but then the closeup shots were obviously not in the same location. It reminded me of those shows where someone is pretending to drive and a screen is used for the background.  I wanted to like everything about this episode but that really took me out of it. I wished they could have done as great of a job as they did with Regina as Ursula. 
Speaking of Regina, for once she was the only one making sense when she refused to go after Neil. Just because he is on the island doesn’t mean they should have put the whole plan to find Henry on hold. This is why Charming did not say anything about the dream shade. They really should have split up the group evenly. Hopefully there are no repercussions for doing this.
I was trying to figure out the timeline when Regina goes after Ariel. I believe it takes place after she visits Rumpelstiltskin in Skin Deep about a deal to be made involving a “certain mermaid”. 
Lastly, I really would have liked to see  some under the sea storyline. I realize most of Ariel’s world revolved around sea creatures but we didn’t even get a mention of King Triton. Now that Ariel is going to Storybrooke in the present they could always do another backstory but I doubt it. If they were going to show it, I think it would have been in this episode. 
That’s all for now


From Katie in Florida

Hi Jeff, Colleen, and Lady, 

I’ve got a theory that Pan and Rumpel are step-brothers, just because Pan was taunting Rumpel about his father.  As far as who is in the box that can be anybody. It could be Rumpel’s father, which would be very LOST like (Locke and his father). I think whoever or whatever is in the box is going to be a character that has not been introduced yet. 
I really liked the episode, especially when they had to tell their secrets to rescue Neal. It will be interesting to see the consequences of those secrets. 

From Florida


This came in after we recorded –

Hi Guys,
I hope this gets in before this up coming podcast.
In regards on how the truths being told in the Echo Cave and the possible damage they can have and reach way beyond the cave, there is a movie from a long time ago that really fits well with this.

The movie was called Talk Radio, about a shock jock and how his life went pretty much into the dumps because of his behavior on the radio. Anyways, he always did a tag line at the end of his show and I have lived my life according to this since then.

“Sticks and stones may break bones, but words cause permanent damage.”

Those that went into the cave are going to live out this particular sentiment in spades. Hooks words will cause himself personal pain and maybe more isolation. Emma’s honesty to Neal while cathartic, still shows they even if they only end up as a parenting team, have a long way to go. With Snow, a moving yet harsh truth that will sting Emma know that she may not be enough for her mother. And Charming? Finally a real dillemma that is around trust and trust is always the center of a marriage.
Neal though, his secret was more like a shot off the port bow, a declaration of intent as you will.

Thanks for your time. 🙂


Voicemail points:

From Brad and Dave


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5 Fun Facts about Colin O’Donoghue

• He’s 5’11”

• He was in an episode of The Tudors (which also starred Sarah Bolger) called the Undoing of Cromwell.

• He is a guitarist for the band The Enemies, a five piece band from O’Donoghue’s native Ireland.

• He wasn’t outgoing as a youngster

• How he feels about actors .vs teachers

“Not to belittle what we do as actors, but my wife Helen is a teacher, and she makes a real difference to kids. So it’s unusual to see people thinking of us as something special.”

Oncer Quiz Answer:

What did Ashley say she was doing in Mr. Gold’s shop?
Changing my life

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  1. Kendra

    I love your show and always force myself to wait patiently for it to finally download on to my phone!

    Anyhow, I wanted you to know that I am listening from Maine. Maybe someday Maine will be higher up in state downloads! Thanks for putting up a great show! The start of your show made me laugh! Colleen said it was cold. If you want cold visit Maine! Woke up to our first snow!


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