3X05 Good Form – First Thoughts

Pan Good Form Once Upon a Time

Great very different music from Mark Isham

Lost Boys – School yard bullying to fight

We were right. Just like in the movie “Hook” they believed things into existence. Henry believed and the inferior copy of a sword becomes the real thing.

Henry cut the Lost Boy’s cheek, like Snow cut Regina’s cheek. I would also mention the sword (That represented power or divined by believing) giving someone power. Henry seemed more powerful after creating the sword.

Henry is still a good boy, by apologizing, but like the Dark Side of the Force, the power lures you in further.

Like the Sith (sort of), Pan says the Lost Boys don’t have to apologize. The Lost Boys are like thugs.

When the Lost Boys cheer, it’s as if he likes being part of the Lost Boys. He passed the test, and Pan has done his manipulative work to win him over. Remember Henry said previously, “I’m not like you”.

Why did Neal mark underneath the bed cushion? What else was the slab used for before bed time?

Regina – “I didn’t see a Neverland Post Office.”

Neal lost HOPE, and started to settle in to his fate. What gave him hope later that he could escape?

Hook didn’t hook Emma early on.

Charming “She’s never going to like you” Dad does not approve – “You’re nothing but a Pirate”. Check off another of the “Who you really are” list.

Lieutenant Jones

Rum makes you drunk.

Captain Laim Jones, Killian’s brother.


A Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell) to bring peace to the Kingdom.

Daddy no like Hook.

Dream Shade almost reached his heart. Time is ticking and a visual clue of impending danger.

Dead Man’s Peak. The sextant will decode Neal’s star map.

Going to a new land. Columbus-y

Sail made from the feathers of Pegasus. Greek mythology.

Everyday without hope is a day closer to being a Lost Boy.

Add something to that message to send to Henry, “Tell him Grandpa loves him”. Does Emma know Charming was lying, and that he is dying?

No hug for Regina.

Boar hunting – like Lost.

Apollo Bar. He doesn’t like chocolate.

Rope trap like Charming used to trap Snow.

Charming blamed Hook for his death.

Hook and Charming were similar. Brothers.

A plant that could heal any disease.

Pan is the King of Neverland.

Pan offers a deal. Pan disappears and reappears like Rumpel.

Pan wants Hook to kill Charming and work for him.

Charming is stronger than we thought.

Pan introduces doubt, but actually the truth. Mistrust.

“It’s too late,” said the Lost Boy. We already know it’s never too late, right.

“Don’t let him get to you” Snow tells Emma. All Lost Boys are manipulators.

Regina’s smile and a Mola Ram got the working walkie Talkie on the island.

Smile #1 to Lost Boy

Smile #1 to Lost Boy

Smile #2 to Lost Boy. Have a heart, Regina. ;)

Smile #2 to Lost Boy. Have a heart, Regina. 😉

Compact. More mirrors that can be used to see and now, communicate.

“There is a way to stopping him from dying” Revenge of the Sith

Spring. Lost. Fountain of youth, or at least healing.

Talking into the heart.

“I’m here, too”

They didn’t tell Henry, Grandpa’s message.

Is the water like the candle?

To fight battles using unholy weapons is bad form.

Mermaids in the window.

Mermaids Liam's ship Once Upon a Time Good Form

Once you drink this water, you can Never leave Neverland.

Liam died because he left Neverland.

Magic and Magical water comes with a price.

Charlie’s Angels pose was AWESOME!


Charming finally told the truth. Well, sort of.

“I don’t do Rum” Regina’s lines just kill me. Well, you know what I mean.

Hook and Emma sitting in a tree…

Colin O’donoghue is awesome!

No one sails to that cursed land or they will walk the plank!

Death and betrayal makes Killion – a Pirate.

There is honor among thieves.

Big, fat secret. The penalty. Neal, Hook’s nemesis is on the island.

Hang him up, next to the other one. Is the other one Greg? Maybe Rumpel?

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