Dylan Schmid from Once Upon a Time now becomes a Zombie Fighter

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You’d think having experience confronting Peter Pan’s nemesis in fairy-tale land would be an advantage when you’re cast in a Disney movie.

Not necessarily, says Dylan Schmid. The Saanich teenager learned that while shooting Bunks, the Disney XD Canada original movie comedy about two mischievous brothers who unleash a curse at an idyllic summer camp they sneak into.

The film, produced by Fresh TV in Canada, airs on Disney XD Sunday at 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

Neither Schmid’s encounters with Capt. Hook in Once Upon a Time, ABC’s hit fantasy series in which he has a recurring role as Rumpeltstiltskin’s son Baelfire, nor enduring stone-filled tornadoes in Jason Bourque’s disaster flick Stonadoes could have prepared him for what he triggers in Bunks — a zombie outbreak in the Canadian wilderness.

“I learned a lot being part of a Disney movie,” says Schmid, noting Bunks is more about laughs and lunacy than pirates or fairies.

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