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Episode Name: The New Neverland

Episode No. 196


“Going Home” is tomorrow’s (December 15th) episode, then the 12 week hiatus until March 9th.

We will have some content released during the hiatus, so stay tuned.

Oncer Trivia Question:

In the episode “Dreamy”, what did Sneezy/Mr. Clark call Walter?

Keep listening for the answer

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Email points:

From Aleana

She asked about Pan casting the Dark Curse

I love this episode it had a nice pace love the flashback always wanted to know what happen after Regina announce taking everyone happiness away love Snow outfit loved that Snow gave praise to Regina and hoping we see some moments between Regina and Snow in mid-finale they are my favorite characters even though I’m more like Belle because I love to read love Charming and Emma moments hope we get more of that love Regina standing up for Tinkerbell even though I do think the Blue Fairy is right Tinkerbell needs to believe in herself even though they said Blue Fairy died I hope it isn’t true Love Rumbelle scenes like seeing Rumple being kind and in love Jared Gilmore was amazing as Peter Pan and hope they give him more to do
My question is how is Peter Pan going to cast the curse don’t you have to kill the thing you love the most and we see he doesn’t love anyone but himself hate that we have to wait 12 weeks for the second half of the season look forward to listening to your podcast


Voicemail from Kelsey


From Maii

She brings up great points about Ariel and Eric

Ariel and Eric were perfect and I seriously want to see more of them.. Plus Emma needs some gal pals and I have this weird feeling that Ariel would be perfect for that (J – Since Ella and Ruby are gone)

The curse made eric a fisherman/someone who cuts fish for a living.. They could have given him any other job but they made him a fisherman. I guess it makes somewhat sense. He was a Prince who wanted to venture on the seas to other realms. (J – Worldwide adventurous ventures were changed to jobs to catch fish and return.) Also coming from a kingdom that celebrated Ursula. He got to be by the sea still. Maybe not sailing on it but it was still part of him like it was back in the Enchanted Forest. It was the funniest part of the episode.

Emma, the love triangle, the date and Snow

Neal/Snow/ “The Date” 
As much as I loved him last episode I was seriously annoyed with him this episode… It’s the Emma thing, he goes back to being Neal instead of being Nealfire when he’s around her. Neal you were deeply in love with your fiancé a week ago (confirmed by A&E) and then you found out she was evil.. a few days later (exactly like 2 days at most before this ep) Emma tells you she wished you were dead and you think it’s okay to ask her out? (J – Neal’s pursuing ways wakes up when there is another suitor around. He was cool and gave her room before, but now that he is being observed, he must try harder to win her over.)

Snow..dude I love you but stop with the pushing Emma towards Neal…it’s not helping your case and all you are doing is pushing Emma away.. I’m pretty sure Snow’s opinion of Neal will change when she learns about the jail thing but right now she’s stressing me out..I get it for Snow White First love = True love but for her daughter it’s vastly different her first love is memories of 2 years alone in Tallahassee being betrayed by the one person she trusted, jail time, giving birth in jail  and having to give up her son etc.
Everyone keeps pushing Emma to be with Neal. But um did anyone think that might not be what she wants?! While everyone else is thinking about Neal Emma is thinking more about Hook. (J – Some parents nudge their kids to what is “right,” and that usually means, in this case, the father of the child. Will Emma be happy in that relationship? Maybe, maybe not, but to some parents that doesn’t matter, because it’s right. Will Hook make a good step-father? Is Hook the best choice for Henry? Hook really seemed to care for Baelfire, which in this case makes things much more painful for Emma and Hook. Being a good friend of the father of a single Mom’s child, and still pursuing the Single Mom. It must break some dude code somewhere, but love doesn’t listen to dude codes sometimes. Either choice Emma makes in this scenario will be painful, because neither gent will be going anywhere anytime soon. Will Hook be good for Emma? Single Mom’s have lots to think about. Yes, then needs and well being of the child, but what about the companionship of the Mom? Hook might be good for Emma. He isn’t perfect, but who is?)

Did you notice that while Hook was at Granny’s at the time of Emma’s “date” with Neal, Emma was at the docks avoiding it? (J – Emma went to a similar place that she went to spend time with Henry (Even if it is Pan/Henry). She misses him and even though she knows that he needs to spend time with Regina, she is confused by the love triangle and the pressure from Snow drove her to the bay to not have to face the choice (that could be the wrong choice for her and Henry). I imagine being near ships wasn’t a mistake, either.

Hook’s intentions are noble to some, but some may view his “in for the long haul” “backing off” and observing as stalkerish, but I think he wants to give Emma all the time she needs to make up her mind, and if she allows it, he can win her heart – for good. Unfortunately, Hook doesn’t believe in himself and falls to the Rum and the arms of someone he probably had some kind of past with to cover up the hurt of Emma’s other suitor.)


The Dark Curse reboot-

The same effect?

Neverlandish? Everyone is under that Pan flute spell?

Since Gold and Regina have a bit of lead time, will they create a dome spell to protect them from the curse, act like they were affected, and outwit Pan that way?

Felix will be Pan’s undoing?


Voicemail points:

Oncer Trivia answer –
In the episode “Dreamy”, what did Sneezy/Mr. Clark call Walter?

A ray of sunshine

Comedy bit:

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